How to Make A Bonfire Pit Out of An Old Washing Machine Tub

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Things You'll Need

  • An old washing machine or just the metal tub.

  • Tools if you need to take the machine apart when removing the tub.

  • Some old bricks, or shovel to dig a hole.

  • A grill to put on top when converting it into a cooking grill.

  • Creativity


Use your imagination and creativity to create your own unique bonfire pit or bbq grill when you try to make a bonfire pit out of an old washing machine. Go on craigslist to the "free" postings and you should find people giving their old washing machine away for free. When your driving around neighborhoods keep an eye out for old washers in front of peoples houses, as a pre caution, make sure you ask them before you haul it off.


Keep children supervised at all times around a any bonfire pit, especially this type because the metal tub gets really hot. Use a dolly or cart when moving the washing machine tub while its still lit. Better yet wait until it gets cool and your sober. Make sure your not to close to the house or any trees when finding a spot for your pit, because the flames could get big due to the wind, and can start a fire.

Take The Washer Apart
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Ever want a bonfire pit in the privacy of your own home? I will teach you how to make a bonfire pit out of an old washing machine tub. I have one in my front yard. It's been there for years. Every time our family has a party we eventually get drunk and set up the bonfire pit we made. It comes in handy when it's a cold winter night and you want to keep warm when you and friends or family drink beers and party in the back yard. You can also turn it into a cooking grill by simply placing a grill large on top of the tub. Just use your imagination and creativity customize your bonfire pit.


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Step 1

Perfect For Cold Nights
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Ever noticed junk left on the curb in front of peoples houses? I'm pretty sure every one has witness the piles of unwanted appliances growing in front of a person's house just waiting to get picked up by any one willing to haul the junk. Next time you see a washer, throw it in the back of your truck and bring it home. Or you can browse the craigslist website and look in the "free" section, your bound to find someone giving away their old washer for free. Look out for the post that say "curb alert".


Step 2

Step 2 This step to make a bonfire pit out of an old washing machine tub , is in fact the hardest part. Get a bunch of basic tools like hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers and with the help of a family member or friend that is mechanically inclined, try to figure out how to take the tub out. Do so without accidently denting the tub or damaging the tub, in any way, just for the sake of having a decent looking pit, rather than making your back or front yard look like a alley in a poverty stricken part of town. Any ways, the tub is pretty solid and you couldn't really damage it unless that is your intention.


Step 3

Be Creative
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Step 3 Once you find out how to take out the washing machine tub, find a spot in your yard and dig a hole the same size as the tub. Dig it deep enough so the tub can sit in it a little less than half-way in. Or you can do it like we have ours and use old or new garden bricks to hold it above ground. If you do it this way you can feel the heat radiating more intensely because of the little holes all around the tub.