How to Mix Rock Salt for a Sewer Line

If you have trees growing close to your sewer lines, chances are you have tree roots clogging up the drain. You can clear out the roots with the mineral form of sodium chloride, rock salt. Calling a plumber to clean out the line is expensive. Chemicals can harm your pipes, leading to more problems. Rock salt is a safe alternative to cleaning out the sewer line, and is easy to mix on your own.

Use rock salt to clear sewer lines.

Using One Box of Rock Salt

Step 1

Pour one box of rock salt into the toilet bowl.

Step 2

Flush the rock salt down the drain. Do not use the drains for at least eight hours after doing this.

Step 3

Repeat this process once a month.

Using Rock Salt in Bulk

Step 4

Pour 20 to 25 pounds of rock salt into a laundry tub or bath tub. Close the drain.

Step 5

Turn on the hot water tap and and mix the salt and water together with a stick, broom or long-handled spoon.

Step 6

Drain the salt water from the tub. Do this at night or when the house will be empty for most of the day. Do not use the drains for at least eight hours. The rock salt needs to stay in the line to kill the tree roots. You can use the drains the next morning.