How to Heat Up Water in a Tub With No Hot Water

Taking a hot bath can be relaxing and therapeutic after a long day at work, or a strenuous workout. If your water heater or any other water-heating source you use needs to be repaired or replaced, or if you simply don't have hot water going to your tub, there still is a way for you to enjoy a hot bath. You can heat up the water in your tub as long as you have a stove or microwave.

You don't need a water heater to take a hot bath.

Step 1

Turn on your faucet and fill up the tub half way with the cold, or lukewarm water that comes out of your tub.

Step 2

Fill your biggest cooking pot with water and bring the water to a boil using your stove. If you have a microwave, pour water in your biggest microwave-safe container and bring the water to a boil. You will know when the water is boiling because it will start to bubble. While the water doesn't necessarily need get to a boiling point, the hotter the water, the faster you'll get the tub water to heat up.

Step 3

Grab the pot or the bowl using a pot holder, oven mitt or thick kitchen towel on each hand. This will protect you from getting burned.

Step 4

Take the boiling water or hot water to the tub and pour it into the cold or lukewarm water that was already in the tub.

Step 5

Turn on your tub's faucet to let the boiling water disperse in the tub and mix with the cold or lukewarm water that was already in the tub.

Step 6

Turn off the faucet and carefully stick your hand in the tub to test how hot the water is. The water will not be extremely hot because it has been mixed the with the cold or lukewarm water that was already in the tub. The water temperature will gradually increase as you add more pots or bowls of hot or boiling water. The amount of boiling water you'll need depends on the size of your tub, the size of the pot or bowl you are using to pour water, and how hot you want the water to be.