How to Wash a Papasan Cushion

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Papasans are large, round chairs that provide excellent support and comfortable sitting. If you are not using cushion covers, papasan cushion covers can be a little tricky to clean because they are too large to wash in a washing machine. Most owners claim you must take them to a dry cleaner, but there is another way to clean your papasan cushion without spending a lot of money. Using just a few supplies, your papasan cushion will be clean and ready for you to curl up in in no time.


Step 1

Pour a gallon of warm water into a bucket or large bowl. Add two tablespoons of upholstery shampoo to the water. Stir the mixture with your hands to distribute the shampoo throughout the water.


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Step 2

Drop a large sponge into the mixture, saturate it and wring it out so it is not dripping.


Step 3

Blot the papasan cushion with the wet sponge, using small circular scrubbing motions near any stains or spots. Every few blots, return the sponge to the bucket, clean it off and add more shampoo mixture to it. The sponge should be wet but not sopping. Repeat until you have washed the entire cushion.


Step 4

Empty the bucket. Rinse all shampoo residue from the bucket and the sponge. Fill the bucket once again with warm water only. Dip the sponge in the water and wring out. Blot the sponge over the wet and soapy cushion to remove all excess shampoo.


Step 5

Soak up as much of the moisture in the cushion as possible using a towel. Allow the cushion to air dry on the papasan frame. Turn it over every hour until the cushion is completely dry.



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