How to Get Mold Off Velvet

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Things You'll Need

  • Towel

  • Soft-bristled brush

  • Cleaning cloths

  • Dry cleaning solvent

  • Hair dryer


Store velvet fabric in an airtight container between uses.


Remove moisture from velvet fabric as quickly as possible. Use a hair dryer on the low heat setting to speed up the process. Too much moisture during the stain removal process can discolor velvet fabric. Avoid using water-based products to clean velvet.

Velvet adds a luxurious look to garments and upholstery.
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Mold spores don't care if your fabric is washable or not. These tiny organisms and members of the fungus family grow and flourish on any organic surface that's been exposed to moisture and heat. Plush velvet fabric garments or upholstery must be cleaned with care to remove mold spores and stains without causing shrinkage or damage to the velvet nap. It's important for you to get the mold off the velvet as quickly as possible to prevent the spores from damaging the fabric and spreading to other surfaces.


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Step 1

Sunlight naturally kills mold and mildew spores.
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Place a towel in a sunny location outdoors or near an open window. Set the velvet item on the towel with the mold stains facing up. Allow the velvet to sit in the direct sunlight for three to five hours. Sunlight is a natural, effective mold killer and helps remove musty smell, too.


Step 2

Brush dead mold spores off the velvet with a soft-bristled brush. Bring the velvet item inside. Lay it on a flat work surface.

Step 3

Pour dry cleaning solvent onto a cleaning cloth to moisten it. Wring out the cloth so it's barely damp.


Step 4

Sponge the mold-stained areas of the velvet surface with the dry cleaning solution. Apply more solution as needed and continue to blot the velvet until the stains are removed.

Step 5

Hold a hair dryer about 1 foot above the velvet surface. Set the heat on "Low" and aim the air flow at the velvet to dry it quickly.

Step 6

Brush the fabric with the soft-bristled brush to blend the nap.