How to Get Spit Up Out of Upholstery

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A full tummy often leads to spitting up.

Baby spit-up, or regurgitated formula or breast milk, is similar in nature to vomit. When spit-up ends up on upholstery, it leaves behind a protein-based stain that often contains color as well. Fast action to remove a spit-up stain prevents it from soaking into the upholstery. You can even remove a dried spit-up stain, along with its unpleasant odor, with the right supplies and proper techniques while maintaining the condition of your upholstery.


Step 1

Use paper towels to remove spit-up from the surface before tending to the rest of the stain.

Blot the spit-up stain with paper towels to pick up any substance sitting on the surface of the upholstery. Once you remove the spit-up material, press a paper towel into the surface to absorb moisture.


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Step 2

Cover the spit-up stained area of upholstery with a mound of baking soda. Leave the baking soda on the upholstery until it absorbs moisture and dries completely. As it dries, it wicks up remaining moisture from the spit-up and deodorizes the smell.

Step 3

Remove the baking soda with a hand vacuum or upholstery attachment.

Vacuum the dried baking soda off the upholstery.


Step 4

Dampen a clean cloth with dry cleaning solvent. Dab at the upholstery to remove any color stain caused by the spit-up. As the color stain transfers to the cloth, change to a clean part of the cloth and continue to dab.

Step 5

Allow your upholstery to air dry completely before using again.

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