This Genius Hack Will Make Your Doormat Last Longer

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One of our favorite ways to update our home's seasonal decor is with doormats. Halloween? New doormat. Spring? New doormat. In a funk? You guessed it — new doormat. Honestly, the occasion doesn't even matter. We always want cute doormats.


But with dirt, wind, and everything else Mother Nature throws at them, doormats don't always last long, meaning you have to buy a new one every few months. And while we love switching up our doormats on the regular, we'd appreciate it if they lasted at least a season before getting dingy.

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Good news — there's a hack for that.


Try spraying clear Flex Seal on your doormat. The sealant forms a rubberized surface that blocks out water, air, and moisture to help your mat last longer. No more dirt, mud, and sand buildup from wiping off your sneakers after a grueling hike or day at the beach.

Creator Kat Bernard tried this genius hack and says the sealant is holding up well weeks later.


This hack is so easy — beginner DIYers welcome! Here's how to use Flex Seal to make your doormats last longer:

  1. Shake up the can of Flex Seal for about one minute.
  2. Hold the can 8 inches away from the doormat.
  3. Spray a thin layer of the Flex Seal all over the surface of the doormat, spraying in short bursts and periodically shaking the can as you go.
  4. Allow the Flex Seal to dry to the touch — this could take 24-48 hours.
  5. Spray another layer of Flex Seal over the surface of the doormat and allow it to dry for a day or two before setting it out on your front step.
  6. Enjoy your new durable doormat!

This simple DIY will make your mats look brand new for an entire season (at least) and you can even reuse them next year.



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