22 State Flowers Are Actually Toxic to Your Dog

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Spring has sprung, and that means flowers are everywhere. While we know that these blooms might trigger allergies in humans, did you know that some are actually toxic to dogs?


To show you just how many flowers may pose a problem to pooches, dog care website Love Your Dog analyzed the state flowers of all 50 states and found that 22 of them are toxic to dogs, with an additional two being potentially toxic. (You should also note that many of the same flowers are toxic to cats.)

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The takeaway: Never, ever keep these flowers in your home if you have a dog and pay close attention to what's blooming around you when you're out walking your pet. If you suspect your dog might have licked or consumed a toxic flower, call your vet immediately.


Below, we've highlighted a few of the common state flowers that are toxic to dogs, but you can find Love Your Dog's full analysis here. Interestingly, flowers named after states are some of the most toxic to dogs.

  • California:‌ California poppy
  • Florida:‌ Orange blossom
  • New Mexico:‌ Yucca
  • Oklahoma:‌ Mistletoe
  • Tennessee:‌ Iris
  • Texas:‌ Texas bluebonnet
  • West Virginia:‌ Rhododendron


Additionally, you can find a complete list of toxic plants for dogs published by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals here and another list for cats here.



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