Are Rose Bushes Poisonous to Dogs?

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Roses bushes represent no toxic threat to dogs.

Gardeners who have dogs may find that on occasion their pets take a nibble of plants out of curiosity. While various parts of some plants may be harmful to domestic animals if ingested, rose bushes are nontoxic and pose no danger.


Of the more than 100 species of wild roses, most are found in temperate climates. The red, yellow, pink and white blooms that emerge from rose bushes planted by landscapers are among the most familiar and popular flowers. These bushes are also sometimes used for security purposes because of the sharp thorns that grow along the canes, making a row of closely planted bushes nearly impassable—by dogs, cats and people—without considerable discomfort.


Rose bushes and their flowers are nontoxic to dogs, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In fact, roses are used to make herbal tea and jelly. Rose hips are often used as edible decorations and they contain a high level of vitamin C.


While rose bushes and their flowers are not poisonous to dogs, any dog may have a reaction from eating plants. Dogs may experience drooling, vomiting, irritation of the mouth and stomach discomfort. If your dog experiences such a reaction after ingesting plant material, flush its mouth with water and contact a veterinarian if symptoms worsen.


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