How to Make a Natural Fungicide for Rose Bushes

Rose bushes add beauty and a fragrant scent to your garden. But if a fungus like black spot takes over your rose bushes, it will eat away at the leaves and may eventually destroy your rose bush. Although you can buy a variety of commercial fungicides, these products are costly and are often harmful to the soil and surrounding plants. Make a homemade fungicide with natural ingredients to protect your rose bushes without a hefty cost.

Apply fungicide to rose bushes early in the morning for best results.

Step 1

Fill a clean, empty garden sprayer with 1 quart water. Add 1 tsp. baking soda.

Step 2

Swirl around the sprayer several times so the baking soda completely dissolves. Add 1 tsp. bleach-free dishwashing soap, then swirl the container around again. The soap helps to keep the baking soda on the leaves.

Step 3

Spray both sides of the leaves on the rose bush so they are soaked with the mixture. Reapply the mixture after rainfall and watering.

Kimbry Parker

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