8 Small Nightstands That Will Save Space in Your Bedroom

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A nightstand is a key piece of furniture in the bedroom, so even if you have a small space, it's worth finding a small nightstand to fit next to your bed. After all, you'll need somewhere to put your phone, a glass of water, and a lamp.


Just because you have to cut down on size doesn't mean you need to scale back on style. Regardless of your favorite interior design style, there's one pro tip that will elevate any bedroom. According to designer Kristin Marino of KozyKasa, your choice of color can make all the difference. "​​I like choosing a wood or finish that contrasts with the bed frame. This helps create depth and visual interest," Marino tells Hunker.

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Check out our favorite small nightstands, from minimalist bedside tables to rattan end tables with storage cabinets.

8 Small Nightstands You Can Buy Online

With an elegant white marble top and a warm wood base, this round nightstand looks utterly refined. We love that it has a storage drawer too. You can choose between an 18-inch-diameter table and a 24-inch-diameter table depending on your space restrictions.


Need a classic-looking nightstand? This one has you covered, with a standard boxy silhouette made from wood. There are four neutral color options that work with a range of styles, from farmhouse modern to coastal chic.

If you're looking for a modern bedside table, look no further. This minimalist acrylic nightstand is ideal for small spaces, as its clear form takes up very little visual space in the room. It has open shelves for storage, which makes sense — you'd be able to see everything in drawers anyway.


For a little boho flair, this nightstand has a rattan cabinet door, behind which are two storage shelves. We appreciate the simple boxy shape paired with the earthy texture of rattan for a subtle design statement.

Midcentury-modern lovers will want to opt for a walnut nightstand like this one, which has two drawers and minimalist brass pulls. Though the end table is just 18 inches wide, there's plenty of surface space to fit a lamp and anything you may need during the night.


This minimalist round nightstand is made of black-coated steel for an industrial finish, meaning it would work well in contemporary, farmhouse, or even midcentury bedrooms. There's also a hidden storage drawer that you can pull open from the bottom.

When your small bedroom needs a pick-me-up, opt for a statement nightstand like this one. We personally love it combined with a minimalist bed, but you can also work it into a maximalist room with ease. It's made of Indian rosewood and clad with hand-embossed metal in an artisanal touch.


Leave it to IKEA to design the perfect minimalist Scandi-chic nightstand. This small end table comes in two colors, birch and black, and features a leather pull to open the storage drawer. There's also an open shelf for additional storage at the bottom.



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