This Costco Playhouse Will Entertain Your Kids All Summer

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With warm weather around the corner, we've been dreaming about the great outdoors. And judging by its recent releases, so has Costco! Per @costcobuys on Instagram, the retailer is now offering an adorable play camper for kids, complete with a kitchenette.


The Step2 Kids Adventure Camper with Kitchenette has an open-concept design, making it easy to watch little ones as they play. The kitchenette also includes a sink, stovetop, skylight, decorative wheel, and even a working doorbell. Meanwhile, the stovetop has sensory clicker knobs, allowing kids to fully engage with the play set.

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There's also a grill area and storage space, where you can store play food and utensils (which come with the camper). So fun!

On Instagram, one user mentioned that their son loves the camper. However, they also recommended using an electric drill — instead of a screwdriver, like the packaging suggests — to put it together. Good to know.

If you're interested in the camper, call your local Costco to see if it's in stock. The item number is 1692453. It costs $269.99 at the warehouse, which is an awesome deal, considering the same product costs $349.99 at Target, Amazon, and on the Step 2 website.


Other new products at Costco:

While we're on the topic of the outdoors, Costco has been rolling out the spring and summer items. As @costcobuys shares, the warehouse is now selling backpack coolers and patio cooler carts. Costco has also brought back the outdoor Pendleton blankets which are water-resistant and have built-in pockets. (Writer's note: We have one of these blankets and can confirm that they're pretty darn great.)


If you love to camp, check out this large two-room lighted tent at Costco. According to Instagram users, it's described to be a 10-person tent, which means it can comfortably fit five people.



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