Costco’s 2 New Plants Are an Unbeleafable Deal

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We're firm believers in never having too many houseplants, and with spring right around the corner, Costco is upping its plant game with new bamboo and bonsai plants, both for under $25.


According to @costcobuys on Instagram, these plants are available in pretty ceramic pots, with bamboo plants priced at $21.99 and bonsai plants priced at $22.99. The reel also shares that each plant requires bright to medium light and should be watered weekly, making them relatively low maintenance and a great option for beginner plant parents. It also sounds perfect if you have a sunny windowsill in need of some greenery!


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The price, especially for the bonsai plant, is a major selling point. Bonsai plants can go for anywhere from $30 to $100, while mature bonsai plants can be priced much higher. Costco has always been known for its deals, and these plants are no exception. Unbeleafable, right?

Other Costco Finds

Another nongrocery find is this adorable modern farmhouse playhouse. Gone are the days when playhouses were only available in bright or pastel colors. This sleek and neutral playhouse will look great in your backyard and will give your kids a fun outdoor activity just in time for warmer weather.


And if you're looking for a new dessert to try (who isn't?), just head to the frozen foods section. Costco always has a wide variety of sweet treats, and the 48-count box of Pie in the Sky cakebites has recently been marked down to a mere $2.97.



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