7 Amazon Toilet Brushes to Add to Your Cleaning Closet Immediately

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We're pretty sure no one enjoys cleaning toilets, but unfortunately, it is a job that has to be done. While there are a number of cleaning tools designed to automatically clean the bowl (those sticky gels you place beneath the rim, for instance), sometimes, you're going to have to give your toilet a good manual scrubbing.


When you do, you'll want to use a sturdy and effective toilet brush, and you'll want to let it dry in a specific manner in order to avoid getting your bath mat soaked with toilet water. You can decide whether you want a high-design bathroom accessory that matches your room's decor or a budget-friendly brush that's purely functional. In either case, you can use the brush to ensure a clean toilet. Here are our favorite toilet brushes found on Amazon.

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Best Overall

What we love most about this toilet brush — or rather, toilet wand — is that its replaceable scrubbing heads are loaded with Clorox cleaner, so there's no need to buy a separate cleaner. Simply attach the head to the wand (it's a hands-free process), scrub down your toilet, and toss the head in the trash (again, a hands-free process!).


Best Budget

This is your quintessential toilet brush, complete with a bulbous holder for the head. Despite being a budget-friendly option, it does come with a few frills. First, it comes in a rainbow of pastel colors, and second, it comes with a pair of tweezers so you can remove any hair that gets stuck in the bristles (or in the shower drain!).


Best Plunger Set

Plungers and toilet brushes often sit beside your toilet, so why not combine both of them into one holder? This clever combo is something of a space saver, as the brush sits above the plunger. Though the whole contraption won't win any points for design-forward looks, it does come in both black and white to better suit your bathroom decor.


Best Design

All it takes is a smooth white holder and a brass-colored handle to turn a toilet brush from blah to chic — well, as chic as a toilet tool can get, anyway. Finishes aside, it's actually the shape of the holder that takes this to the next level — instead of a stout, rounded holder, this one is an elegant, elongated cylinder.


Best Eclectic

Yes, if you can believe it, this cute black cat is actually a toilet brush and holder in disguise. What really sells the trick of the eye is the fact that the handle, which doubles as a tail, has a little curl to it. This is certainly one way to add a little pizzazz to a bathroom.


Best Wall-Mounted

Screw this wall-mounted toilet brush right behind your toilet and make cleaning your bathroom floors easier than ever. This is a pretty heavy-duty toilet brush holder; it's made of stainless steel with a matte black finish.

Best Silicone

Thick silicone bristles are a little easier to clean than traditional ones when it comes to toilet brushes. We love that this one has a unique D-shaped head that allows you to clean under the toilet bowl rim with ease. Plus, its holder is nice and slim so as to save valuable space.



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