This Is the Most Fun City in America in 2022

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When choosing a place to call home, there are a lot of factors to take into account. Aside from the obvious draws of a beautiful house, a low cost of living, and job opportunities, there needs to some sort of leisure scene that allows for entertainment outside of your residence. Luckily, WalletHub released its report on 2022's Most Fun Cities in America so you can have a little less research on your plate.


The brand compared 180 cities across the United States in terms of 65 different metrics such as number of restaurants, movie costs, and the average operating hours of breweries.

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Video of the Day

Here are the top 20 most fun cities in America:

1. Las Vegas, NV

11. Cincinnati, OH

2. Orlando, FL

12. Tampa, FL

3. Miami, FL

13. Fort Lauderdale, FL

4. Atlanta, GA

14. Portland, OR

5. New Orleans, LA

15. Denver, CO

6. San Francisco, CA

16. San Diego, CA

7. Austin, TX

17. Washington, DC

8. Honolulu, HI

18. Houston, TX

9. New York, NY

19. St. Louis, MO

10. Chicago, IL

20. Los Angeles, CA

According to the study, Las Vegas has the most playgrounds per square root of the population, while Orlando has the most restaurants. San Francisco has the most dance clubs relative to its population, but Honolulu has the most festivals.

Everyone has a different idea of fun, so it truly comes down to what is best for you and ultimately, what you make of it. Not to mention, each city has something unique to offer. You can check out the full report on WalletHub for the comprehensive list of the most fun cities, plus input from experts.