6 Inflatable Christmas Decorations From Amazon for an Extra-Festive Holiday

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Inflatable lawn ornaments might be a controversial type of Christmas decoration, but if you want it, flaunt it! There's no denying that they're quite cute, especially given that many of them are fun Christmas characters, from Santa to gingerbread men. And it's a great bonus that many of them are lit by LED lights, so they can be seen at night too.


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If you're looking to adorn your lawn or patio with towering inflatable decorations, here are our favorite picks available on Amazon.

Best Overall

GOOSH is one of the best names in the inflatable decoration game, so we'd be remiss not to name one of its products as our top pick. This jolly inflatable Santa Claus oozes joy with its round form and sweet smile. It comes illuminated with LED lights, so it can spread the Christmas spirit from your lawn or patio all night long.


Best Christmas Tree

No evergreen trees in your front lawn? No problem! This lit-up inflatable Christmas tree can fill the gap. It stands an impressive 7 feet tall — a common height of real Christmas trees. It's also designed to withstand the elements, as it's waterproof and extra durable.


Best Snowman

Channel the spirit of Frosty the Snowman with this inflatable lawn ornament complete with a holly-adorned top hat. You don't actually need to leave him outside all winter long — this is an indoor/outdoor inflatable snowman, so you could bring him inside if you have room for his 7-foot height!


Best Gingerbread Man

This cute trio of gingerbread cookies is sure to put a smile on the faces of passersby. From a logistics standpoint, we like that they're smaller in stature compared to most Christmas inflatables — they're less than 3 feet tall. But between the three gingerbread people, the inflatable is 8 feet long, so plan ahead when you're doing your layouts.


Best Polar Bear

We're not sure that polar bears have an official spot in Santa Claus lore, but they do live at the North Pole, and we think that counts. So, if you'd like to celebrate this Christmas with a giant inflatable polar bear on your lawn or patio, here's the one you should buy. We love that it's adorned with a few silly penguins (even if penguins ‌definitely‌ don't live at the north pole).


Best Penguin

If you were going to post a "Merry Christmas" sign on your front lawn anyway, why not pair that with an adorable inflatable penguin? This little guy — well, not so little at 7 feet tall — holds up his own sign, spreading Christmas love and joy to all who pass by. The inflatable can also be set up indoors if you'd like to bring Christmas cheer into your home.


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