This Brilliant Sponge Holder Hack Will Help Organize Your Refrigerator

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Let's face it: The refrigerator can get real cluttered, real fast. This is especially true if you have a large household or tend to store smaller items in the fridge. But now, thanks to @byjillee on Instagram, we know the perfect solution.


The trick is to use sponge holder — yes, a ​sponge holder​. More specifically, you'll need to use one with suction cups so that it can adhere to the wall of your fridge.

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As @byjillee demonstrates on Instagram, a sponge holder is the ideal size for holding items like string cheese, tubes of tomato paste, and sticks of butter. Not to mention, it helps you make good use of the vertical space in your fridge.

On social media, folks have been loving the simple hack. "I am about to set [this] up for my toddler's daily snack provisions," said one user on Instagram. "Genius! I especially love it for the butter. So easy to grab," commented another person.


Just be sure to choose a sponge holder that has enclosed sides and, if possible, is made of perforated plastic. (One good option is this plastic sponge holder from Amazon.) That's because the metal versions have large openings which are less ideal for storing a variety of items.

Other easy storage ideas for the kitchen:

While we're on the topic of vertical space, you can also use the walls of your cupboard to organize spice packets. The trick is to install an adhesive hook. Next, clip the packets together with a binder clip, then hang it on the hook. This will help free up space in your drawers while storing them within easy reach.


You can also stick cord bundler hooks on the back of kitchen appliances. (Think blenders and air fryers.) This way, you can properly organize the cords and keep them off the countertop.



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