Costco's New Dessert Is So Good, You'll Want to Gift It to Yourself

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It's that time of the year again, friends. Holiday gifts are starting to appear at Costco — and we couldn't be more excited. The latest release is an adorable set of mini cookie skillets, which sounds perfect for fans of dessert-making kits.


According to @costcohotfinds on Instagram, the mini cast-iron skillets are sold in boxes of four. Each skillet comes with Nestle Toll House cookie mix, so you can be sure that it will be delicious. Simply add water and butter to the mix, bake, and enjoy.

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The set is also priced at just $19.99. That means each individual cookie skillet costs only $5. This is an awesome deal, considering you can use the mini cast-iron skillets over and over again.

On Instagram, folks are loving the product. "This would make a great hostess gift. I get so tired of just bringing a bottle of wine!" said one user on Instagram. "I would purchase it just for the mini cast iron skillets," commented another person. Honestly, same here.


One user also pointed out that the skillets would be useful for toasting spices. We love this idea.

As with all seasonal items at Costco, the mini cookie skillets might not be available at all locations just yet. To check if it's in stock at your local warehouse, call ahead with the item number (1669816).


Other new Costco products for the 2022 holiday season:

'Tis the season for advent calendars! Costco is now offering a Harry Potter advent calendar for just $18.99. According to the product packaging, it includes more than 40 magical items like stationary, coasters, and more.

The warehouse is also selling an advent calendar for dogs. It includes a variety of toys and seasonal treats, which are to be opened over 25 days. The calendar is priced at $38.99.



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