7 Genius Things to Do With IKEA's Trones Shoe Cabinet

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Who doesn't love an IKEA hack? In addition to the Swedish furniture and home decor brand being a haven of affordable finds, IKEA's pieces are also known to be great for clever customizations and DIY ideas. Perfect examples include the Billy bookcase, Tarva dresser, and Trofast storage system. Plus, you can now add the Trones shoe cabinet to that list.


Below, check out these smart things to do with IKEA's Trones shoe cabinet — including both hacks and storage ideas — courtesy of many savvy online creators.

Video of the Day

1. Store clothing.

To save space, TikToker @mummyxtummy came up with the idea to use Trones for their kid's clothing. When putting the items away, they simply roll them up and place them in a designated cubby.

2. Organize bathroom products.

User @takinglifebythebarrs lives full-time in an RV, and to add extra storage, they've added six IKEA Trones shoe cabinets around their space. In the bathroom, they specifically use the item to store personal care products. A commenter on @mummyxtummy's video also mentioned that they use Trones to store towels in this space.


3. Stow away records.

In a TikTok video from IKEA's very own @ikea.spain, the brand briefly shows that Trones can work perfectly as a place to store records.



4. Add a wood tabletop.

In a TikTok video, @deco.dejateinspirar shows how they customize Trones by adding a wood tabletop piece. This makes the cabinet look much more stylish, but it's also practical — now you can place decor on top.


5. Personalize with wallpaper.

If you're not a fan of white or black, you can customize Trones with your favorite wallpaper design. As @lucihelen_athome demonstrates, simply place peel-and-stick wallpaper on the drawer fronts and cut off any excess. That's it!


6. Frame the cabinet.

Taking the tabletop idea one step further, @shiri_amoray on Instagram used two wooden countertops to frame their Trones unit.


7. Affix drawer pulls.

Like both @deco.dejateinspirar and @lucihelen_athome above, TikToker @gracefully_jenni customized their Trones cabinet with drawer pulls. The best part is that since there are so many different types of drawer knobs and handles out there, you can truly get creative.



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