This TikTok Explains How to Make a Chic Wireless Hanging Light in Minutes

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When it comes to lighting, there's nothing like a tangle of ugly wires to totally ruin the look. But now, courtesy of Den Garden, we've discovered a brilliant way to install a wireless hanging light that's affordable to boot.


The idea was shared by @themartinezcasita on TikTok. It involves making a bracket with two pieces of primed pine board, wood glue, and a screw, then installing it into the wall with dry anchors. The content creator then uses Command strips to stick a battery-operated puck light inside a lampshade.

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Finally, they tie a strand of string to the poles of the shade, then hang it on the bracket. And just like that, a beautiful wireless hanging light is born.

"Well, that's amazing," said one user in the comments. "I made these lights over the weekend and they look so cute!" raved another TikTok user.


This project is especially perfect if you already have extra lampshades that don't fit other fixtures in your home. As one user commented, "I bought these shades thinking they would fit my island lights and they don't. Now I know what to do with them."

For the full step-by-step tutorial, check out full video by @themartinizcasita right here.


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