Costco Restocked the Cutest Seasonal Pretzels for Halloween

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There's just something about Halloween-shaped treats that make them taste better than the originals. Take these spooky-contoured fruit snacks, for example, or even this pumpkin gnocchi. Well, the return of Halloween pretzels by Utz has finally arrived, giving us even more pumpkin-themed bites to get excited about.


The barrel contains 66 individually bagged portions of pretzels shaped like bats and jack-o'-lanterns. We have fond memories of munching on these as kids, even when they were thrown in the mix with Halloween candy. (Although, it was a bit of a bummer to find pretzels in the local Halloween bins rather than chocolate.)

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Each pouch is only 50 calories and the packaging is designed with spookiness in mind. The bags showcase haunted houses, pumpkins, and even ghosts, making these a festive snack to leave out with your other Halloween decor.

While 66 bags of pretzels sounds like a lot, we guarantee you'll eat your way to the bottom faster than you may think. Seriously, who could resist a crunchy, salty snack? And a festive one, no less. It's an easy snack to throw into your kid's backpacks for school, too.

Even better, the plastic barrel is fully recyclable, or you may even want to try upcycling it into something else, like a DIY Halloween basket or a piece of decor you can leave up all year round.


Word on the street is that these tubs are selling at Sam's Club and Walmart in addition to Costco, but you can also order a pack of two for $19.99 on the Utz website. What we're really trying to say is, you probably want to run (don't walk) to grab one of these before they're gone for the season — and they surely will be.



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