This Powerful $6 Soap Can Remove a 2-Year-Old Fabric Stain

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If there's one product you need in your cleaning arsenal, it's an effective soap for fabrics. Fortunately, we just found the perfect one.


Thanks to @barrsantigan on TikTok, we discovered the Grand Canal Soap, which can be bought for $5.86 on Amazon. There, it is marketed as an "underwear cleaning soap." Though the retailer doesn't have ratings and reviews displayed on the product page, it does state that the item is a "bestseller." Plus, according to @barrsantigan, it had 20,000 five-star reviews on Amazon as of September 2.


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"It immediately removed a two-year-old stain in my carpet, so I wanted to try it on some other stuff," says the TikToker, who then shows the soap getting rid of tough stains on a pair of shorts, an upholstered chair, white sneakers, a pillow, and a puzzle mat. The before and after transformations are actually shocking.

Plus, according to the brand, this soap is made of natural ingredients like coconut oil, so it can even be used on your skin and during bath time. "Perfect for babies and children and intimate clothing," it states, adding that the soap has a fragrance that will last between three and 10 days. Based on the packaging, it appears that the product smells like coconuts.


According to people in the comments on TikTok, this soap is also similar to the Zote laundry soap, which retails for $4.65 on Amazon. This particular soap includes the ingredients sodium tallowate (fat and lye), sodium cocoate (coconut oil fatty acid salts), fragrance, optical brightener, and dye.

If you're looking for a soap that's going to change your life (and your sad, stained fabrics), Grand Canal Soap seems like a great, affordable option.



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