The Best Laptop Cases on Amazon to Keep Your Tech Safe on the Go

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Whether you're studying on the go or want to keep your work laptop safe in your home office, you're going to want a laptop case to keep your tech safe and sound. By choosing one that's water resistant, good-quality, protective, and sleek, you can ensure your laptop is shielded from almost any mishaps that happen along the way.


Ready to spend less time worrying about your computer and more time using it for productivity, creativity, or connection? We rounded up the best laptop cases on Amazon below.

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Best Overall

Shockproof. Water-resistant. Sleek. Those are just a few words that come to mind when we see this versatile laptop case. The outside woven polyester makes this case spillproof, while the five layers of premium materials put this sleeve firmly in the shockproof category. By protecting your laptop from bumps and spills, you can ensure it's safe from whatever life throws at you.

Best Budget

Looking for a laptop bag that's minimal and sleek? This on-trend, on-budget laptop sleeve case is perfect for all of your laptop-carrying needs. It fits a 15.6-inch laptop, cradling it in its soft neoprene protective cover, and thanks to its design, it ensures your laptop is protected from debris, scratches, and bumpy backpack rides.


Best for MacBook

Your MacBook is known for being feather-light, so it needs a laptop case that can protect it without adding too much weight. This MacBook Pro laptop sleeve case offers military-grade protection and premium water-resistant fabric to keep your tech safe.


Best for Gaming Laptops

Sometimes you need a little extra beyond a laptop sleeve or soft case. This hardshell laptop carrying case brings ultimate protection with shock-absorbing foam, adjustable protection, and multiple foam layers. It's also completely waterproof as this laptop case gives you an airtight seal and top-of-the-line protective technology. Protect your gaming laptop on the go with this good-quality computer case that keeps your most valuable asset safe.


Most Stylish

Laptop cases need more than function and protection to be ideal for your needs. Sleekness and style play a big part, especially if they're also doubling as your professional purse. This laptop carrying case has multiple compartments, allowing it to also double as a carrying case for pens, pencils, and cords. The buttery-smooth zipper, slim design, and water-resistant exterior ensure your laptop sleeve case gets a hefty dose of both style and function.


Best for Small Laptops

The standard 15.6-inch case is great when those are your laptop dimensions, but a small laptop needs a custom carrying case that perfectly suits its needs. This neoprene laptop sleeve contains a foam padding layer that protects against bumps and shock. You also get a small carrying case for your accessories, making this an on-the-go favorite for your smaller laptop.



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