6 Wooden Shower Mats on Amazon for the Perfect Minimalist Aesthetic

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Other than their stunning, minimalist aesthetic, there are so many reasons to go with wooden shower mats instead of the common fabric version. They're easy to clean, water- and bacteria-resistant, naturally warming, and a more sustainable choice due to their long-lasting nature. Plus, these innovative mats are incredibly versatile. Use them both indoors and outdoors to replace traditional cloth mats.


They're also a great choice for a sauna, pool, or spa. (I'm sure we can all agree that it's so much nicer to step on a naturally warm surface than on freezing cold concrete.) And while there are also bamboo shower mats at a slightly lower price point, we've opted for teak wood models for their durability, strength, long lives, moisture resistance, and overall beautiful appearance. Keep scrolling for our six favorites to score on Amazon immediately.


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Best Budget Buy

Luxury doesn't have to cost a fortune. Choose between a small, medium, and large model for ultimate customization. The small one is perfect to stand on in the shower to avoid the cold stone floors.

Best Splurge

How beautiful is this mat? Between its rich color, unique pattern, and exceptional quality, it's a total winner. Plus, it's one of the largest models on the list, making it a stellar option for bigger bathrooms.


Best Overall Mat

This bestseller features a simple design, large size, and durable build. It will look just as beautiful in your bathroom as it will beside an outdoor shower. Reviewers rave about its exceptional quality and stunning in-person appearance.

Best Framed Design

The thick border around the thinner slats brings a beautiful visual appeal to this practical and pretty bathroom solution. Plus, since the slats are on the narrow side, the mat is very comfortable to stand on.


Best Rollable Mat

While this beauty may look similar to the other models on this list, it's actually quite a bit different. Since the slats are held together by a string, the mat can be tightly rolled for easy transportation or small-space storage. The wood's gorgeous coloring is the cherry on top.


Best Grate Bath Mat

We have major heart eyes for this sustainably harvested solid teak floor mat. The grate design, slightly rounded edges, and sturdiness give a rich and hearty look to this compact shower mat.



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