I've Had This Interior Define Sectional for Years — Here's My Honest Review

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It's no secret that buying a sofa isn't typically cheap. While there are many budget-friendly options out there, there are quite a few brands that offer almost full customization of your investment piece at a slightly higher price point. One of those brands is Interior Define.


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Interior Define is a custom furniture and home decor brand that offers a range of seating styles and sizes with over 125 fabrics to choose from. Whether you're looking for a pet-friendly couch or a cozy chaise lounge, the brand has you covered. I ended up with the Interior Define Jasper Sectional in 2018. After four years with the sectional, here's my honest review.

Everything You Need to Know About the Jasper Sectional

This sectional from the Jasper Collection starts at $3,295, with a low-profile design (about 17 inches from the floor to the top of the seat cushion) that blends support, comfort, and style perfectly. It has a midcentury modern look complete with clean lines and a wood rail. Just like other pieces, the sectional was designed in Interior Define's headquarters in Chicago and is made to order in "upholstery production hubs" in China and Vietnam.


As for what sets the Jasper Sectional apart from other pieces the brand sell, Interior Define Creative Director Benjamin Reynaert says it's the ultimate sofa. "It's uniquely modern and super comfortable in design, has multiple lengths, depths, and a variety of cushion options, and works perfectly in more modern urban spaces as well as family-friendly country retreats," Reynaert tells Hunker.


What Is the Interior Define Customization Process Like?

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Like all other seating options in Interior Define's selection, the Jasper Sectional has plenty of customization options. For starters, you can get the sectional with a chaise on either the left or right side. (The brand recommends getting the chaise on the side with less foot traffic.) Then you pick out the leg color, whether or not you want to add an arm, the sofa length, the chaise length, the sofa depth, the chaise depth, cushion fill, and, most importantly, the fabric. You can choose from several types of upholstery — including leather, velvet, boucle, chenille, texture, and woven. But if you're unsure of which one to choose, the brand offers free swatches.


"I recommend testing your swatches by laying them out on your current sofa and specifically, draping them over the front cushion corner so you can see the way the light hits the fabric horizontally and vertically," Reynaert says. "Hold them up to a natural light source and check in on them in the evening, too, to see how they look in lower lighting conditions. And don't forget to ask one of our Design Experts for their advice and opinion too!"


Here's how I customized my Jasper Sectional:

  • Chaise:​ Left
  • Fabric:​ Plush Sateen in Ink (now discontinued, unfortunately)
  • Legs:​ Oiled Walnut
  • Arm:​ Added on the right side
  • Sofa Length:​ 60 inches
  • Chaise Length:​ 60 inches
  • Sofa Depth:​ 36 inches
  • Chaise Depth:​ 48 inches
  • Cushion Fill:​ Standard down blend


Side note: The color I have is now discontinued, but the brand suggests getting the Performance Vintage Velvet in Slate for a similar look.

Is the Jasper Sectional Comfortable?

According to Interior Define's Comfort Guide, the Jasper Collection falls under the "laidback" category with "easygoing, West Coast vibes'' and a "soft, but supportive cushion." After falling asleep on this sectional more times than I can count, I can confirm it's perfect for all-day lounging. I can also confirm it has a firmer feel than a highly cushioned design, like the Caitlin Collection.


The Comfort Guide also includes the breakdown of the brand's cushions, which are made from high-quality, high-density foam and a down blend. My sectional is customized with the Standard down blend, a high-density foam base with down blend top. It's described as "firm, yet cushy" and requires periodic fluffing, which I'll get into later.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Since the furniture is made to order (and all good things take time), you can expect production and delivery times to take between 22 to 25 weeks. The delivery costs a flat rate of $189, with all made-to-order items having white-glove service, which includes a scheduled delivery at your convenience, unpacking, assembly, and disposal of packaging.


How Do You Clean and Maintain the Jasper Sectional?

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The toughest part of having the Jasper Sectional is the regular cushion fluffing that needs to be done when you have cats that love lounging on them (and when you get the Standard down blend cushion fill). But with pets, it's pretty easy to clean and the hair can be easily brushed off and maintained with regular vacuum sessions. The brand also suggests rotating the cushions regularly and using water-free cleaning solvents with any spills or stains with a blotting technique.


Is the Interior Define Jasper Sectional Worth It?

Considering the sectional has been in my living room for over four years without complaints, I can absolutely recommend it! It's perfect for lounging, napping, and sometimes working from home. With all the customization options that Interior Define has to offer, the company is great for building your dream sectional. However, it's important to note the lengthy production and delivery time, as it might not be a great fit for someone who needs new seating ASAP.


And if you're not totally sold just yet, Interior Define has a bunch of retail locations across the country where you can see the products firsthand and work with design experts (also available to chat with online!) to find the right fit.

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