The 9 Best Outdoor Furniture Covers to Protect Your Patio

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After spending time and money on creating the perfect outdoor patio space, furniture covers ensure that your vision-come-to-life stays intact and that the money spent doesn't go to waste. Outdoor furniture covers work as an added, protective layer for your outdoor pieces, keeping the elements from shortening the lifespan of your furniture. Whether you're looking to keep your grill dry, stop the sun from fading your vibrant outdoor dining table, or avoid dusting debris off your couch before every sit, a good outdoor furniture cover is essential.


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When looking for an outdoor furniture cover, you'll want something that:

Fits your furniture:​ To get the most out of a furniture cover, you'll want something that covers the ​entire​ piece, not just ​most​ of it. You can begin by shopping at the same brand as your outdoor furniture for an accompanying cover, but you also have the option to look elsewhere if you find a lack of availability or quality. To do this, you'll need to know your furniture's dimensions.


Is made of a protective material:​ Covering your outdoor furniture with just anything won't ensure that it survives a rainstorm — you'll need material made to protect it from the elements. Even if you don't live in a region that gets frequent rain, you'll want something waterproof for the occasional shower and even morning dew. You should also look for something breathable to help prevent the buildup of humidity, which can lead to a bad smell or, even worse, mold.


Secures to your furniture:​ Without tie-downs, you run the risk of losing your cover to the wind. Look for outdoor furniture covers that have ties at the bottom, which allow you to secure the cover to the foot of the couch, table, grill, etc.

Fits your look:​ There is no wrong look for a furniture cover, but you'll want to choose one you won't hate looking at (i.e., don't grab a bright blue tarp to cover your meticulously designed patio). Prioritize material, fit, and security, but don't ignore the visual design, as you'll be less inclined to use something you don't like the look of.


Ready to start shopping for outdoor furniture covers for your patio? We've rounded up our top picks.

The Best Outdoor Furniture Covers

This Home Depot favorite is waterproof and weather-resistant and made of their patented Gardelle Fabric System. It features a water-repellent top, resistant laminated backing, and a splash guard skirt. The built-in ventilation promises to "reduce inside condensation and wind lofting." You'll also find an elastic hem that can be adjusted and tightened, and buckle straps that can be tied to the foot of your loveseat for extra security.


Duck Cover's square fire pit cover promises to protect from a number of conditions, including wind, dust, dirt, sun, rain, and snow. The polyester top panel keeps the elements out, and the breathable side panels ensure that internal humidity has ways to escape. Hook and loop straps help you secure the cover to your fire pit. Of the just over 300 reviews, 284 shoppers have given the cover five stars.


Cover your sectional, table set, or patio chairs with this large furniture cover from CKCLUU. With over 8,000 reviews, the patio furniture set cover has a 4.3-star rating, with reviewers noting the convenient size and drawstrings that allow you to secure it to your unique furniture set. For areas that receive lots of direct sunlight, the fabric, which protects from UV rays, ensures that your pieces don't fade in color, while the water-resistant element keeps your pieces dry.


For an outdoor dining set, you'll want something that can cover both the table and chairs, tightening at the bottom to secure itself to the set — Amazon Basics' cover does just that. Once chairs are pushed in, this cover goes around the furniture pieces, with the polyester outer layer protecting from rain, snow, and sun and the fasteners protecting from the wind.


Another great option for an outdoor dining set is this cover from ULTCOVER, which can fit a table, as well as up to eight standard-size chairs. The polyester canvas and waterproof backing promise to keep water out (a 100% guarantee), and the set includes a three-year warranty. Vents on two sides "prevent wind lofting" and offer breathability, and elastic drawcords secure to table legs.

The Best Outdoor Grill Covers

It makes sense to turn to the grill maker for your grill cover. Weber's Genesis 300 Grill Cover is made of a breathable, water-resistant, UV-protective material and covers the entirety of the grill — side tables included. Hook and loop straps on each side allow you to tie down your cover, preventing it from blowing away and debris from entering your grill zone.

Choose from a range of sizes with Char-Broil's Performance Grill Cover, ensuring your grill receives full coverage and protection. With this cover, you'll find a heavy-duty, 18-mm polyester fabric to protect from water and debris, and a sun-fad liner to keep your grill's color intact. To secure the cover to your grill, you'll tighten the side straps to fit your base's size.

The Outdoor Cushion Covers

Before heading inside, pack your couch and chairs' cushions into this storage bag to protect them from sunlight, inclement weather, morning dew, and more. This storage bag is water-resistant, and the padded handles make it easy to move your cushions indoors on seriously windy days.

This storage bag is built to hold small couch and chair cushions, as well as throw pillows. The fabric is water-resistant, meaning it can be left out in humid climates and those that receive some rain — though it is recommended to bring the transportable bag in during periods where you anticipate a larger storm. The zipper, which goes from one end to the other, allows you to easily place variously sized and shaped cushions and pillows inside.