11 Neon Lighting Ideas That Are Simply Electrifying

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According to Pinterest, the search for "neon rooms" is on the rise, with Gen Z going gaga for LED neon lights. Needless to say, it's no surprise that homeowners and renters alike are looking to reinvent their abodes by drenching them in colorful fixtures. Whether you opt for home decor as simple as a cheeky neon sign or a more extensive display that includes different colors and shapes, the vibrant fixtures are fun and eye-catching ways to bring a little personality into your space. Intrigued? Scroll on for 11 neon room ideas that are serving us some major good vibes.


11 Neon Lighting Ideas

1. Consider song lyrics.

If you're just looking to dip your toe into the neon room trend, opt for a less is more approach. Lisa Dawson selected a neon sign showcasing song lyrics to dress up this cozy corner, and the simple addition casts a pink glow over the entire space. An upholstered bench and lush greenery make the perfect supporting cast to complete the Insta-worthy scene.


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Make room for your neon sign in a gallery wall. As with any other art layout, select a piece that differs in size to ensure that it will still look balanced. If you want some inspo, Tina Perry and Ric Whitney's home is filled with contemporary art, including a "Then They Came for Me" sign by Patrick Martinez (one of our neon artists to watch).


3. Play with reflections.

Neon lighting is impactful in its own right, but if you really want to make a statement, add a mirror. For example, this renovated caravan in the U.K. features a large pink and orange custom neon sign that was designed in collaboration with Yellowpop. The light display is reflected in the mirrored ceiling, which in turn makes the cozy disco-inspired setup feel a little roomier.


4. Create an accent wall.

If we're talking neon rooms, interior designer Patricia Bustos is surely the queen of all things LED. Her dreamy interiors offer a lesson in how to use neon lighting in your home with LED strips, large neon artwork, and neon bars to boot. Paired with pastel colors, the lighting display has turned this living space into a futuristic experience.



5. Double up.

What's better than one neon sign? Two, of course! Embrace symmetry and fill your entire bedroom wall with colorful lighting. This eclectic design uses two abstract faces as bookends (both are Jonathan Adler for Yellowpop, FYI), and the overall result is pretty unique.


6. Go all in.

While we're not expecting you to create a home bar as bold as this one by BodinChapa Architects (although if you did, that would be pretty cool!), you can certainly bring elements of the colorful design into your own pad. Have fun with your lighting display and think of creative ways to weave neon fixtures throughout your space, such as cove lighting in the ceiling or pendants.


7. Keep it simple with a table lamp.

No room for a large neon sign on the wall? Living in a rental? No worries, we have the perfect solution: a neon box light. The illuminated piece of decor will help to bring some rock and roll flair to your home, and since it doesn't need to be mounted to the wall, you can easily move it whenever you fancy a change. Pop one on your bar cart, TV stand, or night table for a little dash of something extra.



8. Dress up a corner with a light tube.

This cozy corner is bursting with groovy vibes thanks to the pink and yellow neon light tubes from Danish brand HAY. The illuminating additions add loads of depth and color, especially in such a small space, and reflect a warm glow on all of the walls.


9. Make it abstract.

In this retro-style living room belonging to Liz Kamarul, a three-dimensional abstract wall mural consisting of a winding LED rope and wooden shapes takes center stage. And if the one-of-a-kind piece of art isn't enough, the sculptural chandelier hanging from the ceiling should do the trick.


10. Opt for a pop of red.

Nothing heats up a space faster than the color red, as proven by this unique living room idea. Here, a piece of neon wall art spotted on Andrew Martin — depicting Marilyn Monroe wearing a space suit, no less — creates a crimson glow on both the wall and ceiling that instantly energizes the otherwise neutral space. However, if you're not sure about committing to a specific piece of art, consider mounting neon lighting on top of patterned wallpaper, a poster print, or even a window or door frame.


11. Paint the walls pink.

Don't forget to consider your wall color when planning a neon room. You want to make sure the two elements will complement each other and create the ideal ambiance. For example, the bubble-gum pink hue in this setup by The Urban Jungle makes a picture-perfect backdrop for an assortment of pastel LED neon signs and matching bedroom decor.

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