Why You Might See a Jar of Light Brown Liquid on Someone's Counter

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One of the most unwelcome household guests would have to be gnats. Though the bugs are teeny tiny, they can really be a nuisance — especially when they add up and are constantly buzzing around you and your food. Fortunately, there are several easy ways to prevent and get rid of gnats. You may have already seen one on these methods on someone's counter.


If you've ever noticed a jar filled with a light brown liquid on someone's counter, it's likely a gnat trap that was made using apple cider vinegar. Some might even add soap to the mixture for good measure, topping the jar off with plastic wrap featuring tiny holes for the bugs to crawl into. A coffee filter with a small hole cut in the center will work just as well.

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This same apple cider vinegar trap might also be used to exterminate fruit flies, which are different from gnats. The latter is a small black insect with long legs, while the former is brown with red eyes. If you're dealing with drain flies, they'll have moth-like wings and a more fuzzy body. For drain flies, you'll want to utilize a different tactic involving hot water and an enzyme-based drain cleaner.


What else can you do to prevent gnats?

In addition to using an apple cider vinegar trap to contain the gnats in your home, you'll also want to avoid overwatering your plants. Since gnats love moisture, they might be attracted to plants that are collecting water.

Aside from humidity, gnats also love food — even if it's rotting. So after you finish eating a meal, you'll want to clean up, remove food from the plates, and either wash the dishes or place them safely in the dishwasher.


You should also reconsider where you store your food. If it's easily accessible instead of stored away in a pantry, the gnats might come running. The same goes for your waste. To prevent gnats from having a field day, make sure that your garbage, compost, and even recycling are sealed and put away from where the gnats might fly to it.

No one likes having bugs in their home, but fortunately, an apple cider vinegar trap can make a huge difference if there are gnats and fruit flies buzzing around.



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