9 Modern Birdhouses for $30 or Less to Support Local Wildlife in Style

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A stylish birdhouse does more than just brighten up your backyard, it also provides food and shelter to native and migrating — and often endangered — birds. According to the National Audubon Society, North America has lost more than one in four birds in the last 50 years, largely due to habitat loss.


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Interested in attracting some beautiful birds to your backyard by offering them a place to eat and perch? From a speckled stoneware stunner to midcentury-inspired styles, here are nine modern birdhouses for $30 or less that will ensure you have the best-looking birdhouse on the block.

Minimalist design lovers rejoice: We found the perfect birdhouse for you! Along with an eco-friendly bamboo roof, this clean-lined birdhouse boasts a concave ceramic base with a large double-sided entryway that allows birds of all sizes to snack, nest, or fly through.

The only thing better than a design-savvy birdhouse is one with a cute cacti-clad porch. Inspired by Pueblo style architecture, this adorable birdhouse features faux stucco walls, exposed beams, and several spots for visiting birds to perch.

Don't let the good looks of this silo-inspired birdhouse fool you — it's a multitasker. Along with a removable insert for adding seed, nuts, apples, and more, this powder-coated stainless steel cutie is designed with multiple perches and entryways that cater to both larger and smaller birds.


If you thought there was no such thing as an affordable midcentury modern birdhouse then you'd be mistaken. Along with two cutout entryways and a pitched roof, this teal-colored bird duplex offers two separate nooks (and plenty of room) to accommodate multiple feathered visitors.

Turn a humdrum fence or patio post into a colorful backyard bird hangout by mounting an open-concept birdhouse. Composed of glossy color-coated stainless steel, this ultramodern bird house boasts a metal roof and a recycled glass dish for feeding (and attracting) a variety of birds.

For a sophisticated birdhouse that won't break the bank, look no further than this modular feeder. This bi-level birdhouse is designed with an insulating weather-proof concrete base and two wraparound plywood perches that ensure snow and rainwater can't seep through.

A chic ceramic birdhouse can instantly upgrade your outdoor area while moonlighting as a safe haven for birds. This simple striped design is made of frost-proof ceramic and features a small circular opening that ensures nesting birds feel safe and snug when they're inside.


A sunny yellow bird feeder can bring a pop of color to your backyard while providing feathered visitors a fun place to eat and perch. This bright powder-coated tube feeder can hold up to 12 ounces of seed and features four removable perches for multiple birds.

This birdhouse is pretty enough to double as a decor object. Composed of rust-resistant stoneware, this speckled hangout can be strung from a tree branch or placed on an elevated outdoor surface to provide food and protection from outdoor elements.


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