These Small Office Lighting Ideas Will Make Your Tiny Space Glow

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Doing a makeover in a small space always requires some finessing and a bit of imagination. And while you can get really creative with the interior design in some rooms of the home, small office lighting ideas typically need to prioritize functionality more than anything else (you don't want to hurt your eyes staring at a computer screen in the dark!). There are a plethora of options to choose from, whether you go with overhead task lighting, a run-of-the-mill desk lamp, or a minimalist pendant light fixture. But it's important to consider the square footage in your office space because every piece of home decor needs to serve a purpose. This may mean floor lamps, though beautiful, are out.


Ahead, we have a few suggestions to take your home office lighting design up a notch without overwhelming your workspace. All of them can easily be translated with a little bit of creativity.

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1. Get a table lamp that coordinates with the desk.

Want a fun way to light up your small home office space? Add accent lighting in a tone that complements your desk. Here, Amber Interiors went with a terra cotta lamp that features the same warm hues that are prominent in the small desk. A white shade brings everything together for a look that's cohesive and conducive to all kinds of computer work.

Get the look​: John Timberland Sierra Southwest Rustic Jug Table Lamp, $79.95

2. Hang a bold ceiling light.

We're all here for overhead lighting fixtures. Try hanging a glam accent like this if your ceilings are tall enough; it'll create the perfect focal point with a small footprint. And as long as it doesn't hang too low, this addition will draw the eye upward for an illusion of more space.


Get the look​: Litfad Starburst Chandelier, $380.94

3. Add lamps to your shelving.

If you don't want to crowd your work surface any more than you have to, completely skip the lamp on a desk idea. Instead, add a small fixture to your bookshelf. This look will work especially well in a space that gets ample natural light, so place your table below the window, and make sure the curtains you go with are just sheer enough.



Get the look​: World Market Gold Adjustable Task Desk Lamp, $59.99

4. Use two small wall sconces instead of one large one.

Bring on the ambient light. Not only will two smaller wall sconces help with eye strain, but they will also ensure that multiple work spots get equal amounts of illumination. Feel free to place one, or both, on a dimmer in case your WFH buddy prefers a different amount of glow. As an added bonus, this home office lighting idea won't take up any precious desk real estate in a tiny space.


Get the look​: Overstock Steampunk One Light Nautical Design Wall Sconce, $117.49

5. Make sure your small lamp has pizazz.

It's simple: If you have a small desk, chances are you'll need a small lamp. But that accent doesn't need to be neutral or bland. Bring in one that features a bit of brass for contrast. You'll be glad for a little bit of excitement (that doesn't take up space!) when you're pulling long hours.


Get the look​: Safaveieh Gold Crane Metal Table Lamp, $56.11


6. Hang a task light directly over your work zone.

There are several interior designer approved ways to use task lighting options in your office makeover. For a small room, in particular, we like hanging an accent light pendant directly over the desk. Simply float the table in the middle of the room if you go this route. That way you can use the wall space for extra storage and light will bounce into every corner.


Get the look​: Design Within Reach Semi Pendant Light, $575

7. Bring in a bit of glass.

Glass light fixtures will instantly class up your small WFH zone. Emily Henderson chose a vintage style with gold accents to add a bit of old-world glam to this setup, and the result is pure perfection that won't disrupt the line of sight in a tiny area. We recommend LED Edison light bulbs for this type of fixture.

Get the look​: Clear Ribbed Glass Drum Pendant Modernist Hanging Lamp, $148.67



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