5 Surprising Uses for Cinnamon

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There are plenty of pantry staples we have at home that actually have more than one use. Case in point: the cozy, helpful, and classic spice that is cinnamon. We're surprised to learn that you can use it around the house in a number of ways — and quite a few are centered around the health of your plants.


Here are just a few ways to make the most use of your cinnamon.

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Video of the Day

1. Get rid of aphids, mealy bugs, and more.

Turns out cinnamon has some benefits for your plant babies! For example, this recipe from Seventh Generation uses cinnamon powder, water, ground black pepper, and dish soap to get rid of buggies that might be intruding on your plant's peace. Some plant lovers also add it to their soil mix.


2. Treat your orchids with it.

According to SFGate, cinnamon powder can be applied to orchids to help with fungal diseases. Just keep in mind that "before applying cinnamon to your orchids, you must first remove the infected plant parts."

3. Tend to soil with fungus.

Follow this Hunker guide to treat over-watered soil that has been taken over by fungus. First things first, like with orchids, you'll need to remove the fungus — and keep an eye on the plant over time.


4. Decorate your tree.

When the holidays come around, take a page from this Hunker DIY and use those cinnamon sticks as a natural tree ornament.

5. Make a simple syrup.

Follow this Hunker DIY to make your own cinnamon simple syrup, which you can add to Moscow mules.



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