These Art Sets Are the Easiest Way to Set Up a Gallery Wall

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These Art Sets Are the Easiest Way to Set Up a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have come to signify a certain level of design togetherness that many apartment- and home-dwellers can only aspire to. For folks who have just managed to upgrade from IKEA furniture for the first time, a gallery wall can feel a little out of reach — we're suddenly supposed to have an eclectic yet cohesive art collection carefully accumulated over time AND frames for all of those things?

But, luckily, there's newfound hope for gallery wall hopefuls. A spate of "gallery wall sets" have popped up lately that look effortlessly chic. While there is an endless array of options, the color schemes we've found are versatile yet on-trend, with subject matters that runs the gamut from cool abstract shapes to typography-heavy styles, creating a well-cultured, cohesive look that you can attain with one click. (No rummaging through art fairs or flea markets required.)

Framed or unframed, they cut a lot of time out of the process — and, of course, you can always swap them out with treasured keepsakes and family photos as time goes on.

1. Flower Love Studios Nine Piece Bespoke Gallery Wall Bundle (Unframed), $98

Nine is an excellent number of pieces to get your gallery wall off and running, and this mix of photography, pointillist patterns, and abstract shapes is a shoe-in for folks who embrace the desert-hued modernism trend. It comes unframed, but the shop offers frames a la carte if you're looking for a true one-stop-shopping experience. The variety of substantial, statement-making sizes, which goes up to 16"x20", is a nice bang for your buck.

2. Printable Zen Co Printable Gallery Wall Set of 4, $15

If you need to conjure an impressive home art setup ASAP, there's nothing more instant than printables. Sure, you'll put in a little more legwork than ordering prints, but there's just no beating instant gratification. This design-y, millennial pink-y set is fun and inoffensive no matter who's going to see it. (And you'll get a nod of approval from Talking Heads fans, which is always a bonus.)

3. The Maasai Shop Assorted Wall Baskets, $98

Pick up a set of six (or more) of these handwoven hanging baskets, which arrive ready-to-hang directly from Kenya. They'll give a fresh breath of texture and dimension onto your walls.

4. AmericanFlat Modern Tropical Framed Gallery Wall Set (Framed), $166

These colorful, Cali-cool prints in painterly patterns arrive fully framed and ready to hang.

5. West Elm Watercolor Burst Set of 4 (Framed), $599

If you're less about the "perfectly imperfect" style of these clustered gallery walls and want a little more order, this four-piece set from West Elm might be calling your name. They even let you choose between three frame colors.

6. Gallery Wallrus Abstract Blue Tree Rings Modern Art Prints, Set of 4 (Unframed), $56

This site caters to anyone who likes to pick and choose their gallery wall pieces in one place. While sets, like this handsome abstract tree-ring print series, are available, there's also the option to pick each piece a la carte. Your selections are printed on waterproof coated canvas cardstock with a matte, no-fade ink for an upscale look.

7. Framebridge The Hardwoods Grand Organic Set of 11 Gallery Wall (Framed), $950

Say you're still hesitant to devote an entire wall of your home to art you ordered online and want something more personal. Framebridge now offers a variety of gallery wall "packages", ranging from just three frames to a grand-slam of 22 frames, which they fit with your uploaded images. It's a convenient option that doesn't require you to resort to generic picks (or rather, pics), and it makes a huge impact when hung. The option of multiple frame types and colors is a nice addition that lends some extra sophistication — and the sets even come with a hanging guide to help you achieve that "Oh this? Just a collection I threw together...." feel.

8. Moonrise Prints Boho Gallery Wall Print, $16

This sunset-hued set of five prints is perfect for adding a pop of neutral tones that are large enough to make a statement. It's an instant download, so you can instantly get it to your computer and print out youself or upload it to a framing service for immediate framing help. At only $16, it's the most affordable and simple way to get art on your walls quickly.

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