Face Masks Are Available If You Need: Try Any of These Ideas

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To slow and prevent the spread of COVID-19, Americans are now being urged to wear face masks if they need to go out of their homes, say to go to the grocery store or to pick up medications. While it's imperative that we save N95 and surgical/procedural face masks for healthcare professionals, there are plenty of options people can wear when going out as an extra level of protection and care. Below, a round-up of ideas that are available.


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Please note: the suggestions we featured in this article are non-medical/non-surgical face masks. They are NOT a substitute for N95 or surgical masks, and are not FDA approved.

Hedley & Bennett

Buy one, give one. Currently Hedley & Bennett is transitioning their sewing lines from making professional grade aprons to making face masks. Visit the site and read up on the suggestions for use. (They recommend adding a filter to the built-in insert.)


Los Angeles Apparel, $30 for 3

Here are three-pack face masks made of 100% cotton from Los Angeles Apparel.


Citizens of Humanity, $25 for 5

These are from Citizens of Humanity and come in three colors. They recommend washing before your first use.


Etsy, prices vary

As you can imagine, many "homemade" face masks are currently being sold on Etsy. Take a look and take your pick.


Benchmark Face Muffler Gaiter

If you have a hard time getting your hands on a traditional face mask, why not think outside of the box and consider using a ski or neck gaiter?


No-Sew Face Mask

Of course, you can always be thrifty and put together your own no-sew face mask using a washable handkerchief and two elastic hair ties.


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