Right Now, You Need These DIY Antibacterial Cleaning Recipes & Tutorials

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Let's get straight to the point: The coronavirus (COVID-19) is on everyone's mind right now. And it's looking like this:


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People are worried ... they're stocking up on supplies from big box chains and grocery stores ... stores are running out of supplies ... people are worried! Especially when it comes figuring out how to clean and disinfect our hands and the surfaces we touch.

To combat the issue of supplies selling out, we've put together three DIY cleaning solutions where the key word is antibacterial. It's time to raid your pantry and bathroom cabinets. Here's how to make your own recipes and perhaps find a little peace of mind. Stay safe.


Ed. note: We want to be clear that these DIYs are alternatives if you can't find the hardcore stuff. Washing your hands with soap and water is a highly effective method of protecting against viruses, per the CDC. DIY surface and hand sanitizers should be used when soap and other cleaners (such as Chlorox and Lysol) are unavailable and should contain at least 60% alcohol, per the CDC.


DIY Hand Sanitizer

Make a few of these homemade hand sanitizers and keep them in different spots throughout your home. Also, why not make some for your friends?


DIY Antibacterial Surface Spray

Not only does this spray kill germs and bacteria, it leaves behind a nice natural scent.

DIY Antibacterial Hand Wipes

Get out the Tupperware, some paper towels, and a few ingredients so you can always have these at the ready.