Let the Stars Decide: Brilliant Holiday Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign

Framebridge The Aiden 4 Bundle
credit: Framebridge

Check out the full Hunker Holiday Gift Guide for more ideas and inspo. Whether you're shopping for midcentury modern lovers, ceramic fiends, self-proclaimed foodies, or budding astrologers, we can help.

Sometimes we're so at a loss for gift ideas that we find ourselves hoping some kind of clue will fall out of the sky — and then we realize, wait, that's sort of what astrology is? If you're having trouble picking out the perfect present for Pisces or trying to find a treat for Taurus, just turn your eyes upward to the stars.

We've rounded up clever, unexpected presents for every friend and family member on your list (provided you know their sun sign, of course — full birth chart not required). From thoughtful keepsakes for soft and sensitive Cancer to fierce and fun conversation starters for rebellious Scorpio, there's an insightful gift pick to please every alignment. Read on to see the best gift ideas for each of the twelve signs.

1. Aries: W&P Gin Kit, $50

W&P Gin Kit
credit: Food52

Aries is all about that newness. She loves trying new things, but doesn't always want to commit to a fresh endeavor for a long time — so this gin kit, which lets you infuse your very own gin in as little as 36 hours, is perfect. She'll love learning the process and will have a fun new hobby to show off well before the novelty wears off.

Modern Sprout Live Well Gift Set
credit: Food52

Taurus loves to engage her senses, so give her something that delights with scent, taste, and touch. This Modern Sprout kit provides everything she needs to grow fresh mint in the kitchen, and then muddle and mix her way to the perfect julep or another favorite cocktail.

Google Home Mini Smart Speaker
credit: Target

Ever the multitasker, Gemini will love the chance to double-check recipe directions and scope out flight prices without having to stop what she's doing. She also loves to stay connected, so handsfree calling to keep in touch with her BFFs will come in handy.

Framebridge The Aiden 4 Bundle
credit: Framebridge

Nothing makes sentimental Cancer happier than surrounding herself with treasured memories of friends and family (and then hosting said friends and family in her space, to enjoy it even more). A Framebridge four-piece gallery wall of custom framed photos, mementos, and prints will allow Cancer to revel in love and friendship at home every day.

Diptyque Baies 5-Wick Candle
credit: Diptyque

Leo is known for her exquisite — and, yes, expensive — taste, so put yourself in the glamorous lioness' shoes when picking a gift. A celeb-approved Baies candle that can go from the coffee table to a chaise by the pool is perfect for her luxe and pampered lifestyle.

Virgo loves to work with her hands, but adheres to practicality in all things — so a beginner-friendly kit to create a timelessly cool, textural sweater fits the bill perfectly. Her budget-conscious side will be pleased to know that this We Are Knitters kit costs the same as (or less than) a trendy off-the-rack piece, but she'll savor the experience of DIY-ing it.

The Sill Air Plant Trio
credit: The Sill

Libra is all about balance, so it's to be expected that (like all of us), she's trying to get some more nature into her fast-paced life. Even the Libra with the busiest social calendar can find time to care for these low-maintenance air plants, which are housed in chic copper forms — a metal that's ruled by Libra, to boot.

A little sultry, a little subversive, Scorpio will appreciate the dark humor in these Jonathan Adler coasters ... and their luxe-seeking side will adore gazing at the shiny gilded finish whenever they sip their favorite whiskey.

Corkcicle Eola Cooler Bucket Bag
credit: goop

Sagittarius loves spontaneity. And what's better for glamming up a last-minute trip than an insulated wine chiller bag that's chic enough to be mistaken for a new it-backpack? This roomy vessel has space for 12 canned beverages, or eight cans plus two wine bottles — so Sag can keep that unplanned party going for as long as they like.

Capricorns will love curling up with this ultra-indulgent 100% cashmere cable-knit blanket, since they favor well-made gifts — especially those that are something of a status symbol. Get hers monogrammed to level-up the sophistication on this thoughtful gift.

The humanitarian of the Zodiac, Aquarius loves a gift that gives back to those in need. (And let's face it — she's probably already a Michelle Obama fan, too.) All proceeds from this amber and lily scented candle benefit the Girls Opportunity Alliance, an organization that works to empower girls through access to education worldwide.

Être Bien Sacred Space Ritual Kit
credit: Être Bien

Intuitive, curious Pisces loves to be in touch with all things mystical and mysterious, so whether she's a seasoned smudger or just a questioning newcomer, an intention-based ritual kit is a clever gift to help her re-center and connect with her space.

Emily Bihl

Emily Bihl

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