15 Gifts For the Taurus in Your Life

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So, you're looking for that extra special gift for the Taurus in your life. Luckily, this sign happens to be one of the easiest to shop for. Tauruses are fixed earth signs, and are generally thought of as reliable, practical, and chill. (So, it kinda makes sense that 4/20 kicks off Taurus season.) Read on for 16 astrologically-approved options that will have your fave Taurus complimenting you in a way that only the Zodiac's steadfast bull can.


1. Demeter Fragrance Taurus, $40

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If the zodiac sign Taurus were a fragrance, what would it smell like? "Black musk, cedar wood, guaiac wood, pine, and lemon," according to Demeter Fragrance. They challenged themselves to create a robust signature scent that would do Taureans' strong character justice. Mission accomplished.

2. Anthropologie Zodiac Hook, $9.95

Need a place to hang your purse, jacket, or keys? Try out these uber cute zodiac wall hooks to keep your fave Taurus' entryway looking so fresh and so clean.


3. Prosperity Candle Soy Blend Taurus Candle, $28

Tauruses appreciate little accents around the home, and this adorable Taurus soy candle definitely fits the bill. Select from a range of scents such as birthday cake, champagne, and churro ... yum!



4. Nashelle 14-Karat Gold Fill and Semiprecious Birthstone Zodiac Mini Disc Necklace, $70

This delicate necklace will let your proud Taurus display their sign — but not in a super obvious way, which is just how they like it.


5. World Market Pineapple Ice Bucket, $39.99

Taureses are know for being practical. Now what's more practical than a pineapple ice bucket to keep your guest's cocktail nice and cool?


6. Ruled Letter Opener, $20

In addition to being practical, Tauruses are known for being dependable as well. And you can't get more dependable than opening your bills while jotting down important measurements for your next DIY project. So this dual-purpose utensil is pretty much a no-brainer.



7. Waiting On Martha Taurus Extra Large Matchbox, $10

This oversize matchbox with foil-printed design is not only functional for relaxing holidays such as 4/20, but it also makes a unique knickknack all on its own.


8. "Give Without a Get" Hanging Pennant, $40

Tauruses don't tend to flaunt their giving and caring natures, so this gorgeous handmade pennant is a way to say, "I see and appreciate you."


9. Fresh Taurus Oval Soap, $15

Celebrate your special Taurean with this vegetable-based soap that boasts citrus scents reminiscent of verbena. Hand-wrapped in a green artisanal wrapper, this bar of soap is almost too pretty to open.



10. Philodendron Leaf Dish, $24

Is it a ring dish? Key dish? Spoon rest? This adorable ceramic leaf has so many possible uses, which makes it perfect for a practical Taurus.

11. The Laundry Room Taurus Label Rolling Tee, $39

This super soft and comfy tee with a raw hem can be dressed up or dressed down to make the perfect fashion statement, day or night.

12. AntoninoDesign New Zodiacs Calendar: Taurus Art Print, $15.99

Constellation art prints are an excellent way to subtly highlight someone's star sign, and this modern take on Taurus is simply gorgeous.


13. Crate & Barrel Set of Four Marble Coasters, $19.95

Yes, this list does have an underlying nature theme. For instance, take these beautiful marble coasters — they hit the sweet spot of practical and stylishly understated.

14. Oji Masanori Crescent Bottle Opener, $60

How cool is this bottle opener? It has a sort of "take the bull by the horns" feel to it that your Taurus will absolutely appreciate adding to their bar cart.

15. Ello Campy 18-ounce Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug, $12.87

Last but not least, this stainless steel travel mug is right up any coffee-loving Taurus' practical lane. With vintage good looks and a vacuum insulated design, this mug will keep every cup of joe nice and hot. What else do you need in life?



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