13 Clever Shower Organizer Ideas to Add to Your Bathroom Stat

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Is it just us, or does it seem like no amount of shower storage is ever enough? Maybe we have an unusually high number of bath products (guilty as charged!), but it seems like every time we try to check out in a steamy shower, some body wash or conditioner comes crashing down from its perch, messing up our vibe.


Luckily, shower organization isn't the one-size-fits-all endeavor it used to be. The latest shower storage solutions are both infinitely more stylish and more functional than their clunky plastic predecessors, with sleek steel and even warm wood textures taking center stage. Best of all, they can accommodate any type of shower — from walk-in stalls to those with rain showerheads or handhelds — so you'll never be mid-shower-bliss and find products raining down on you again.

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1. Floor Show

If you have a step-in shower with a bit more floor space, we can't recommend this freestanding tower by Yamazaki Home enough. (They're pretty much synonymous with minimalist, budget-friendly organizational tools at this point.) The angled shelves keep your go-to products at the ready, and the matte-black steel finish looks more expensive than the price tag suggests.


Get the look​​:Yamazaki Home Tower Free Standing Shower Caddy, $50

2. Barrel Bliss

Looking to up the spa-like vibes in your shower? This refined caddy featuring bamboo wood and structural metal bars will warm things up with its organic texture and modern-meets-natural look.


Get the look​: UO Barrel Shower Caddy, $49

3. Modern Minimalist

If your aesthetic is minimalist but your beauty routine isn't, this Umbra organizer is the perfect compromise. Its modular, understated frame can accommodate a good range of products, and even includes movable hooks for every manner of pouf, loofah, and pumice you might have.



Get the look​: Umbra Cubiko Shower Caddy, $32

4. Control Pad

Something about this sleek, space-age mirror and storage combination reminds us of the locker mirrors of our youths ... and we're not mad about it. This low-profile grooming station is ideal for those who are really trying to squeeze every last inch of storage out of a tight shower scenario.


Get the look​: Tooletries Toothbrush and Razor Holder with Mirror, $15

5. Champagne Showers

Who says storage can't be glam? This shimmery gold shower caddy has a unique zigzag motif to help hold onto even the most slippery shower accessories — and it'll definitely add a little posh star power to your AM routine.


Get the look​: PBteen Wire Fixed Shower Caddy, $40

6. Branch Out

We'll admit, this isn't the most conventional-looking pick. But it's a great solution for showers with handheld showerheads, which can pose a problem with traditional over-the-shower caddy mounts. And its unique tree-like design is a little whimsical, don't you think?



Get the look​: iDesign Verona Metal Hanging Bathroom Caddy, $24

7. Blend In

We ​definitely​ thought these were built-ins when we first spotted them. With a high-end matte black look that blends seamlessly with any shower, these (waterproof!) adhesive-mounted baskets are a chic, compelling option for amping up your shower storage. Heck, we might even use them elsewhere around the house, too (they come pre-drilled in case you want to mount them more permanently outside the shower).


Get the look​: KINCMAX Shower Caddy Bathroom Shelf, $40

8. Bamboo Bathroom

Another wood-toned option to help you warm up all that white tile, This bamboo caddy offers a ton of storage and feels subtly zen, yet modern.


Get the look​: iDesign Formbu Bamboo Hanging Shower Caddy, $49

9. Slow Living

We'd really be remiss if we didn't recommend this adorable sloth-shaped shower caddy, which, yes, can hold a glass of wine in its long spindly fingers (if you're into that sort of thing — it also works for poufs and washcloths for the teetotalers among us).


Get the look​: Urban Outfitters Sloth Shower Caddy, $49

10. Bath Dreams

Okay, so it's not technically a shower caddy, but for those who take baths, you need this product! This freestanding bath caddy can make relaxing in the tub 100x better, thanks to its adjustable sides, built-in book holder stand, and slotted cup holder.

Get the look​: Gardner Freestanding Bamboo Bath Caddy, $70

11. Modern Metal

Another modern-looking shower caddy is this aluminum two-tiered option. It's great for keeping your bathroom de-cluttered and organized since it features a removable soap dish and a non-slip silicone hook.

Get the look​: OXO Good Grips 2-Tier Shower Caddy, $35

12. Sculptural Storage

We're obsessed with this unique shower caddy option. It comes in a variety of different metals, from brass to polished nickel to bronze, so you can easily match the rest of your bathroom's finishes. A win-win if you ask us.


Get the look​: Pottery Barn Matte Black Linden Shelf $59

13. An On-The-Go Option

If you share a bathroom with others this on-the-go shower caddy is a great choice. You can keep all of your belongings stored together and towed away perhaps under your bathroom sink or elsewhere. It is water-resistant and is made from recycled water bottles.

Get the look​: PB Teen Recycled Ombre Classic Shower Caddy, $29



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