Got a Bug Problem? You Need These 5 Solutions

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When you wake up in bed to ants crawling on your head (true story), you know you've got a problem. When you reach for a banana on your counter and little black flies scurry away (only to return in a nanosecond), you've got a problem. And when you open your back door to let in a breeze and then spend the next hour swatting away flies, you guessed it: You've got a problem. Luckily, we've got five smart solutions you need.

Trap Annoying Fruit Flies

If you've had fruit flies, you know. You know. They are pesky, annoying, gross. And make our food extremely unappetizing. If you're currently battling these flies, try our handy trap that uses apple cider vinegar as the magic ingredient. They just can't resist.


Keep Bugs Out of Your Pantry Closet

You found a new healthy recipe. You're inspired. You go to your pantry and reach for the quinoa. But — nope. No cooking or baking today because pantry moths have set up shop in your dry goods. Keep future recipes on track, combat this problem simply by placing bay leaves in containers and on pantry shelves.


House Flies

Image Credit: Trisha Sprouse

If there's one thing that can drive a person batty (me), it's flies in the kitchen. How often have you been in the situation where you open your door or window, and flies think it's an invitation to enter your home and do their fly thing all over the place? By hanging pieces of brown paper bag that have been soaked in a sticky, sweet concoction of sugar and corn syrup, you'll find peace again.



Bugs getting up in your business while you're trying to BBQ alfresco is a bummer. Enter this DIY candle that smells good (thanks to essential oils), gives a gorgeous glow, and keeps them durn bugs at bay.



Once you start to see a few ants come marching through your kitchen, you better believe more are bound to follow. (And they won't just limit themselves to the kitchen — be prepared to see them everywhere.) If you want to keep chemicals out of your home, but aren't up for keeping ants around, there are natural repellents you can try. We're talking spices, cornstarch, vinegar and water, and other clever tricks.


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