You Should Really Be Doing These Things to Your House Every Summer

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Sun's out — and if you did your spring cleaning, there's not much else you need to do to prep for longer, hotter days and warmer nights.


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In the Yard

Set the stage for outdoor living.

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  • Break out the patio furniture. Wash it down if you haven't already. If you have teak, sand and re-stain. Launder any cushion covers
  • Spruce up your BBQ: Scrape the grills; spray down the exterior; clear the vent holes
  • Refresh your mulch
  • Root out standing water — nobody needs West Nile virus
  • Inspect — and repair — your sprinklers
  • Remove unwanted nests, from hornets to swallows
  • Re-up on citronella candles and bug killers


Exterior of the House

Now that the weather is reliably dry, it's time for touch-ups.

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  • Touch up any cracked or peeling house paint
  • Stain the deck
  • Repair and repaint or re-stain fencing


Inside the House

Stay cool, my friends.

  • Reset the thermostat — you can save a lot of money just by setting it 2 or 3 degrees warmer than normal
  • Better yet, invest in a smart thermostat
  • Test the house for air leaks, so your cool air doesn't disappear out a crack in the window
  • Rotate your ceiling fan blades to push air down, rather than up
  • Consider repotting your houseplants


In the Garage

Marie Kondo: the final frontier.

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  • Gather all unloved items and prep for a garage sale, or donate

Now that you're got the bare basics done, go and enjoy that sun!