Prepare to Be Amazed by These 9 Decorative Accents Under $30 for Your Bedroom

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We love bedroom decor that not only looks amazing, but also functions just as well. (Because it's all about minimalist bedroom vibes.) And since we are knee-deep in Scandi-land and all, it only seems natural to sprinkle in a few pieces that fit that bill, too. Oh, not to mention, all nine of these decorative accents cost less than $30. Mmhmm!

1. Wendy Jung Ceramics White Porcelain Suspended Pebble Vessel, $20.80

These pretty porcelain vases are handmade in the United Kingdom and hang from strong, super-thin rustproof wire, appearing soft and weightless. They're also waterproof, so you can use fresh or dried flowers; even a single stem of fresh-cut greenery or dried lavender would look stunning. With four delicate shapes to choose from, any one of them would make an elegant bedroom accent on walls or windows.

2. IKEA Mathea Throw in White, $12.99

An airy cotton throw for less than $15 that looks like it should cost $215? Of course it's from the Swedish gods at IKEA. Why stop at the bedroom — buy two or three of these breezy blankets for a cohesive and cozy look throughout the house. Hygge, much?

3. Maatalo Baltic Birch Plywood Wallhook No. 2, $11.13

If you're looking for that perfect minimal Scandinavian wall hook for your bedroom, this could really be the one. Made of Baltic birch plywood and literally handmade and shipped from the Netherlands, you might need to throw a few of these into your Etsy cart before calling it a day. Check out hook No. 1, too, for a totally different style (and for even less money: $8).

4. Muji Digital Thermo-Hygrometer, $29

Consider this boldface digital thermo-hygrometer by Muji that won't use much surface space, but is still easy to read. Plus, you have the option to mount it onto the wall with the handy nail slot on the back. It's battery-powered and tells you the temperature and humidity levels in your room.

5. Elevenplus Bottle Humidifier, $25

Speaking of humidity, maybe your bedroom could use a little help during these last days of winter? And no, this beauty by Elevenplus ain't your grandma's model: This sophisticated humidifier ensures your skin will stay hydrated, day or night, and generates humidity via a USB port that you can connect either directly to your computer or wall outlet. Furthermore, it's got an intuitive dimming LED that will notify you of its operating status. And that price tag?!

6. DIY Graphic Art Prints

Two framed DIY graphic art pieces on white wall in room with plants and wood-framed glass cabinet

These awesome DIY prints might just be the fastest way to create bedroom art on a budget — with zero skill required. This old-school collaging technique uses only paper, glue, and some Scandi-inspired designs. And the cost will depend pretty much solely on where you can source a decent frame — there's always the IKEA Ribba for a mere $15, or you could try your luck at local second-hand shops.

7. Industrial Silicone Pendant Light With Vintage Edison Bulb, starting at $7.84

Beef up your bedroom lighting (and illuminate those new DIY prints!) with some cute, colorful pendants in any dark corners or above your bedside tables for a minimal, yet bold statement. At that price, you could even layer them in the center of the room in an ascending cluster of three. The sky's the limit with these versatile decorative accents.

8. Heath Ceramics Bud Vase, $25

Here's a bud vase option by classic American maker Heath Ceramics. These are more substantial and come in the company's trademark midcentury-inspired colors — for the minimalist who appreciates a hint of fun, retro kitsch. (And for the person whose bedroom has plenty of surface space to display decorative accents.)

9. Good Thing G3 Line Tray, $12

Japan-based auto-mechanic-turned-product-designer Shinya Yoshida created the G3 Vessels for Brooklyn-based design company Good Thing. The company says the silicone vessels "are meant to be used creatively and are handy in the office, bathroom, and kitchen." They are food safe and oven safe (in case you need to bring a midnight snack to bed), or you can use them to hold anything from car keys to bedside accessories. (Now available, along with the entire Good Thing collection, via West Elm.)

Lauren McQuade is a writer, editor based in Los Angeles.

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