12 Totally Rad Ways to Get Surf-Inspired Style at Home

Surf's up! No matter your distance from the ocean or your ability to ride its waves, surf-inspired decor brings a chill, laid-back vibe to any home. From wave prints and surfboard shelves to neoprene pillows and palm tree lamps, here's everything you need for your own totally rad surf shack.

PB Teen Surf Fin Hook
credit: PB Teen

Perfect for hanging up sandy, wet towels at the end of a great day at the beach.

Target Surfboard Wall Shelf
credit: Target

Stagger a few of these mini-surfboard shelves on your wall like the lineup at Mavericks anticipating the next swell.

This sunrise- and palm-printed cotton rug has an easy breezy feel and can stand up to sandy feet.

Skip the ocean photography and add some surf-inspired vibes to your walls with this endearing print.

West Elm Brocade Wave Pillow Cover
credit: West Elm

The detail on this brocade wave pillow is so exquisite, you can almost smell the salt air.

CB2 Ocean Palm Floor Lamp
credit: CB2

A floor lamp crafted out of brass in the shape of a palm tree? With lightbulbs kinda looking like coconuts? YES PLEASE.

Kai's signature surfboard coffee table is crafted from redwood and basswood; is sourced from certified forests, using sustainable practices; and is hand-sanded to gleaming perfection.

Maintain a laid-back state of mind while you wash off the sunscreen, sand, and sweat behind this beach scene shower curtain.

Salty Neoprene Cushion
credit: Salty Decor

Salty's throw pillows are made out of neoprene (the same material used for wetsuits) and come in a range of color combos reminiscent of neon zinc oxide sunscreens.

When he's not teaching people how to surf, Portuguese artist Johny Vieira is carving the perfect wave out of gypsum and wood, each a one-of-a-kind sculptural tribute to the ocean's majesty.

Pier 1 Woven Block Seagrass Headboard
credit: Pier 1

"Seagrass" are plants that grow fully submerged in saltwater rather than on land; when dried, seagrass stems can be woven like wicker or rattan.

Salty Wall Clock Bolge 15T
credit: Salty Decor

Make sure you hit the road in time to paddle out for dawn patrol with this simple wall clock, made from EPS foam and epoxy resin, the same materials used to craft surfboards.

Amelia McDonell-Parry

Amelia McDonell-Parry

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