16 Reasons You Should Mix Tile Patterns

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There's no question that tile can really take a room to the next level. Whether it has a popping color or an elegant design, it always makes a space feel fresh. While keeping consistent is always great, one way to add a bit more personality to your home is to spice up your tile treatment with a variety of designs. While it may feel overwhelming, we think mixing your tile is actually a great way to bring balance to your home.

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Want proof? We rounded up 16 different spaces with a variety of tile patterns that feel fun and elevated. Click ahead to see the results.

1. Complementary Colors

One easy way to change up your space is to use tiles with the same design, but with different colors. It's a perfect way to define a palette in your room.


2. Tile Trio

This pretty bathroom has three different tile designs throughout the space. A lovely decorative design that works well with the Persian rug, a simple grey tile on the shower floor, and a vertical shape to add direction to the walls.


3. Beautiful Base

A rich navy design helps ground this petite kitchen, while white subway tile adds order to the backsplash.



4. Perfectly Plotted

Interior designer Natalie Myers had to put in a lot of work to make this tile design perfect. "The 'random' field of grey and white glazed brick shower tile is not so random," says Myers.


"It may look easy breezy, but each tile placement was carefully considered before it was set. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat."

5. Amazing Accent

Want to add a fun accent to your wall? This block of tile creates a maze-like design to amp up this outdoor space.


6. Mod Minimalist

Adding white tile along the walls is a great way to balance out the beautiful design on the floor below.



7. Backsplash Goals

While we love the fun tropical tile pattern above the cabinets, the solid hexagonal shape is such an amazing base.


8. Great Gray

Mixing your patterns, but staying in the same neutral palette is an awesome way to keep your bathroom from looking too busy.


9. Go Wild

Alternatively, if you want to use color, don't be afraid to go all out.

10. Simply Chic

With white as the base for the entire room, the blue floral designs are really able to stand out.


11. Cool Kitchen

Placing orange tile on the oven hood is such a fun way to add an extra pop of color to your kitchen.

12. Black & White

You can never go wrong with this color pairing when mixing tile.

13. Pretty Proof

See? It's such a classic!

14. Step Up

We absolutely love a mix of hand-painted tile on a staircase.


15. Fresh Mint

Mint tile feels so retro, but this space has a modern touch with the simple floor design.

16. Get Creative

Don't be afraid to mix color and shape to make your space feel like you!



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