How to Water a Jade Plant

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Things You'll Need

  • Water

  • Watering can

Water your jade plant carefully to avoid breaking delicate leaves.

The jade is one of the most popular house plants, favored for its distinctive shape and its dark, green leaves. The jade is a succulent, meaning that it stores water in its leaves, and this is what gives the jade's leaves their lovely, plump appearance. Watering succulents can be a bit tricky, but once you understand its needs, your jade plant will thrive.

Step 1

Develop a schedule, because jade plants do well with regular watering. It may take some experimentation to determine how often your jade will need to be watered. If your house is warm and dry, you may need to water your jade once each week. If you live in a humid environment, once a month may be enough.

Step 2

Feel the soil with your fingertip before you water. If the soil is slightly dry, it's time to water. Don't allow the soil to become bone dry. You can also gently squeeze a jade leaf. If the leaf is firm, it's still full of water. Soft leaves are indications that the plant needs water.

Step 3

Water the jade plant until water comes out of the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. If the jade is sitting in a tray or saucer, pour out the water as soon as the plant is done draining.

Step 4

Decrease the amount of water during the jade's dormant period, which is fall and winter. Remember that when it comes to watering a jade plant, less is more. Too much water can cause root rot, which is harmful for all plants, but is especially dangerous for succulents.


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