How to Care for a Wilting Poinsettia

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Did you buy a beautiful poinsettia plant, but now it's wilting? Poinsettias are plants and they need the same care as any sick houseplant. If you provide water, warmth and light, your poinsettia should recover and bloom through Christmas and beyond.

Step 1

Check to see if your poinsettia's container has drainage holes. The water needs to be able to drain from the container because if the poinsettia sits in excess water, it will suffocate the roots. This can cause wilting in poinsettia plants. If there are no drainage holes in the pot, poke a few holes in the bottom of the container with a sharp knife.


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Step 2

Poke your finger into the soil to check if the soil is moist. If the soil is very dry and you've never watered your poinsettia, that's probably the reason your poinsettia has wilted. Poinsettias need to be kept constantly moist.

Step 3

Water your poinsettia if the soil is dry. The best way to water a poinsettia is to take it to a sink and continue to add water until water is pouring out the drainage holes.


Step 4

Place the poinsettia in a sunny window.

Step 5

Check the moisture level of the soil every other day, and repeat Step 3 when the soil starts to dry out.



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