How to Care for Exotic Angel Plants

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The name "Exotic Angel Plants" is actually a registered trademark of Hermann Engelmann Greenhouses Inc. Exotic Angel Plants are hybrid foliage plants that come in a wide variety of colors and variations. These tropical plants are grown in greenhouses, bred specifically to be grown as indoor plants. Because there are 400 Exotic Angel Plant varieties, the care guidelines outlined here are general. Your specific Angel's needs for water and light may vary somewhat.


How to Care for Exotic Angel Plants

Step 1

Select the proper location. Many Exotic Angel Plants require indirect or partial sunlight.

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Step 2

Mist Exotic Angel Plants daily. Exotic Angel Plants are tropical and thrive on high humidity levels.


Step 3

Water your plant twice a week with lukewarm water. Like light needs, watering needs can vary. Pay attention to your specific plant's needs and responses to watering.

Step 4

Fertilize your Exotic Angel Plant once a month with a fertilizer that is one part nitrogen, two parts phosphorus and one part potassium. Always fertilize your plant the day after you water it.

Step 5

Rotate your plant periodically if it is becoming lopsided as it responds to light through a window.



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