How to Make a Bucket & Floating-Faucet Fountain

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A water feature in your yard, perched on your patio or nestled in the corner of a bedroom, can offer numerous benefits. Outside, the flowing waters of a small fountain can bring flitting friends, from butterflies to hummingbirds, to your outdoor area, as well as create soothing sounds that can cover traffic and other city noises that can rattle a relaxing afternoon. Making a magical floating-faucet water fountain is a simple do-it-yourself project that shouldn't take more than an afternoon to pull together and enjoy by the time the sun sets on a lovely evening.


How to Make a Bucket & Floating-Faucet Fountain
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Pump Importance

A submersible pump is easy to install and is the base of your building. The larger the pump, the larger the container it will need. A small pump needs at least 50 gallons of water and is plenty for a simple fountain. The higher you go in gallons per hour (GPH), the more water your fountain will need to hold. If your pump runs dry from lack of water after just a few hours, you need a bigger container. Submersible pumps are ideal because they are quiet, making the calming sound of the water the main attraction.


Tools and Pieces

Start with a foundation that is big enough to hold a large amount of water to completely cover your pump without the risk of it running dry while in daily use. Preformed pieces, such as a small pond shell from a nursery or home improvement store, a mid-size ceramic pot, galvanized tub or other sturdy pot, are ideal containers. Wire mesh, a drill, rigid plastic tubing and a hose faucet of your liking finishes the project.

Assembling the Fountain

The plastic tubing needs 1/8-inch holes drilled equal distance apart. Cut wire mesh to cover the tubing as a sort of filter. Make sure the holes are clear of the wire mesh. The silicone end of the plastic tubing should be glued into the spout end of the faucet with waterproof adhesive. Once dry, fit the opposite end of the tubing over the spout of the submersible fountain pump. Use waterproof tape to secure the tubing to the spout. Place the pump into your container and fill it with water. Once your pump is completely submerged, start the fountain. The water should shoot up the plastic tube and through the faucet. The tape keeps the water from flowing through the faucet while the holes allow the water to drip back down the outside of the tubing.



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