How to Set Up a Water Fountain Pump

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Things You'll Need

  • Submersible fountain pump

  • Vinyl tubing

  • Knife

  • Rocks

A fountain pump provides water to this statue.

Building a garden where you can relax can be a rewarding task. Adding a water fountain can bring a garden to life with the sound of moving water. Water fountains come in many different designs to beautify your landscape and provide a soothing environment. Depending on the complexity of the fountain design, pump setup is relatively simple and does not take long to do.


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Step 1

Set the fountain pump in the lowest part of the container that will catch and hold the water to be recycled.

Step 2

Attach a vinyl tube to the pump output port. The tube will be routed to supply the fountain's water . Place rocks on and around the pump to hold it in place when it is submerged in water. The rocks also help hide the pump. Do not block the pump's water intake.

Step 3

Place other decorative items you have selected for the fountain's surroundings. This includes statues, plants, and more rocks.


Step 4

Secure the vinyl tube with a rock or other natural-appearing fastener. For a waterfall, the fountain should have two parts. The first part is the large base reservoir of the fountain which holds the water pump and the bulk of the water supply when the fountain is not in use. The second part is the smaller fountain reservoir which is located inside the large reservoir of the fountain. The small reservoir is usually located higher than the rest of the fountain and resembles a small bowl.

Step 5

Run the vinyl tube up and over the side of the smaller fountain reservoir. As the small fountain reservoir fills up, water will eventually fill the small fountain reservoir and water will flow over the edge creating a waterfall effect. Since the small reservoir is located over the large base reservoir area of the fountain, the water will fall back down into the base reservoir to be reused by the water pump.


Step 6

Attach the vinyl tube to a smaller tube with holes if a sprinkler effect is desired. The vinyl tube can also be hidden inside other objects, such as statues. Most statues are hollow. This allows the vinyl tubing to run inside the statue to create various water effects. With any special effects used, always verify that the water used has a way to get back to the reservoir where the pump is located.

Step 7

Run the power cable out of the fountain over to the outlet that will provide power. Most pumps use less than 120 volts, and they come with their own AC adapter to provide the power needed. Be sure to dry your hands before plugging in the power.

Step 8

Fill the fountain with water and be sure to keep the pump water intake submerged during normal operation.



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