How to Hang a Mobile Above a Baby's Crib

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Baby mobiles are a great addition to any nursery. They can bring a thematic cohesiveness to the room while also creating a stimulating yet soothing experience for your baby. It's important to pay special attention to any safety hazards that may arise while installing a mobile, which must be secure and out of reach of the child at all times, even if they are sleeping peacefully. Any dangling strings or falling mobiles could pose fatal risks to your baby, so make sure to double-check the installation.


Baby mobiles can be used in a variety of places, the most common being above the baby's crib. If choosing this location for your mobile, you can either hang it directly from the crib or attach it to the ceiling.

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How to Attach a Mobile to the Crib

The easiest way to attach a mobile directly to a crib is to use a product like a crib mobile arm to keep the mobile safely out of your little one's reach. The arm attaches to the side of the crib by a tightening device with an arm high above the crib so the baby can see the mobile but can't reach it. This is the most reliable way to attach a mobile directly to the crib, but attaching it directly to the crib is not the only option.

How to Hang a Mobile From the Ceiling

Hanging your mobile from the ceiling can be an excellent, longer-lasting choice, keeping in mind that it needs to be done securely so the mobile doesn't fall.

The Cup Hook Method

A quick, easy way to hang a lightweight mobile from the ceiling is to use a cup hook. With a threaded screw-type tip and a hook on the opposite end, it can be screwed directly into the ceiling without having to drill a hole. Simply take the cup hook and turn it clockwise into the ceiling while applying slight pressure to engage the screw threads. Continue turning the cup hook until the threads of the screw tip are no longer visible. Make sure to test the hook to ensure it's secure before hanging the mobile from it.


If the cup hook alone makes you uneasy you can reinforce its strength by installing a drywall anchor before inserting the cup hook. Drill a hole in the ceiling using a drill bit that coincides with the size of your cup hook screw tip. Insert the drywall anchor and depending on the model, either tap it in place with a hammer or drill it in place until the head of the anchor is flush with the wall. Insert the cup hook, once again turning clockwise, until the threads are no longer visible. The mobile can then be hung once the cup hook has been tested to ensure it can withstand weight.


Adhesive Strip Method

You can also avoid making a hole in the ceiling altogether by using adhesive strips with ceiling hooks. These adhesive strips with hook-type attachments are perfect to hang something from a ceiling with no damage or holes being made. Remove the tape from the sticky backing and adhere to the surface where you plan on hanging your mobile. Wait 24 hours before hanging anything from the hook. Check the weight capacity indicated on the packaging so it matches with the weight of your mobile. The best part of these adhesive strips is they're easy to install and leave no traces or damage when removed.



Mobile Safety Concerns

If you plan on having the mobile above the crib, try to keep it lightweight and free of anything that could harm your baby, such as small objects or strings/ribbons, if it should fall. If these long ribbons were to be grasped by your baby, they could wrap around the baby's limbs cutting off blood flow. In more extreme cases, they could even wrap around the baby's neck causing strangulation.


Mobiles with little pieces also pose a threat since the baby could potentially ingest them if the mobile were to fall into the crib. Babies put everything in their mouths, so it is only natural that they would mouth a small fallen piece of the mobile, which they could choke on. When the baby begins to move a bit more and shows signs of reaching for the mobile, it's time to take the mobile down. While stimulating for the baby, if they can reach and pull on it, it can pose a threat to their safety.



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