How to Hang Something from a Textured Ceiling Without Damaging It

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Things You'll Need

  • Paper towel or cloth

  • All purpose cleaner

  • Stepstool or ladder

  • Non-damaging adhesive hooks or ceiling suction cup

  • Measuring tape

  • Tension rod

Drilling a hole anywhere on this ceiling would partially ruin its design.

Using the space near the ceiling of a room to hang things is one way to make use of the entire room's dimensions and bring guests' eyes upwards when they enter your room, giving the space a bigger, airier feel. A textured ceiling can refer to a variety of ceiling designs, from outdated popcorn ceilings to ornately carved wood ceilings to plaster ceilings with designs created on top of them with a trowel. However, just because you hang something from the ceiling doesn't mean you have to drill holes or otherwise damage it.

Ceiling Hooks

Step 1

Dampen a cloth or paper towel with all-purpose cleanser. Bring your ladder or step stool over to just under the spot on the ceiling where you plan on hanging the item in question.

Step 2

Climb up the ladder and wipe down the approximate spot on the ceiling where you'd like to hang the item. Allow the spot to air dry for approximately 15 minutes.

Step 3

Climb back up the ladder and attach a non-damaging adhesive hook to the textured ceiling or a suction cup with hook, designed for ceiling uses. Press the adhesive of suction cup firmly against the ceiling.

Step 4

Hang the object from the hook, gently suspending it at first to test the strength of the hook.

Tension Rod

Step 1

Measure the length or width of the room with a measuring tape. Purchase a tension rod that size.

Step 2

Place your stepstool or ladder just underneath where you want to hang some thing from the ceilng. Climb up your your step stool or ladder with your tension rod in hand.

Step 3

Position the tension rod so that it is parallel to the ceiling, approximately 1 inch beneath it. Twist the tension rod so that the ends of it touch the walls that frame the ceiling on either side. Continue to twist the tension rod against each wall until it is perfectly secure. You can now hang items from the tension rod, giving the impression that the items are hanging from the ceiling.

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