How to Clean Water Spots on Louis Vuitton Leather

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Keep your Louis Vuitton leather in pristine condition.

Any leather wallet, purse or small handbag by the designer Louis Vuitton is sure to be a prized accessory. Though most people take every measure to ensure that such items remain immaculate, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. If your Louis Vuitton item was accidentally placed near a wet glass or sprayed with sudsy water, annoying spots may remain on the leather. This type of stain occurs when a small portion of the leather is moistened, then allowed to dry independently of the rest of the surface.


Step 1

Saturate a clean sponge with cool water and wring out the excess. For best results, you should use a new sponge straight from its packaging.

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Step 2

Wipe the stained panel of leather in its entirety. Align the edge of the sponge with a side seam and gently move it across the panel. Re-moisten the sponge, wring it out and make a second pass, if necessary.


Step 3

Allow the leather to air dry completely. As long as the entire leather panel is wet uniformly and allowed to dry evenly, the water spots will no longer be visible.

Step 4

Apply a light coat of leather conditioner, if desired, and if suggested on the item's care tag. Conditioner helps protect the leather against moisture and staining. Rub the conditioner in thoroughly and allow it to penetrate the leather before using your Luis Vuitton item.

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